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Richard A. Miller, DDS

National Breath Center®

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In 1992, Dr. Miller saw his first bad breath patient. A young woman called up devastated by her fiancé’s change of mind about going forward with their wedding. She had been told that it was because of her breath smelling so foul. As you would expect, she did not know what to do.

Telling her that he would do his best, Dr. Miller scoured all the available information at the Georgetown Medical library all the way back to the early part of the 20th century. Since her treatment was far enough in advance (early spring), Dr. Miller learned all he could about chronic, severe bad breath. There were no definitive answers but there were a number of “hints”. So he started looking in the mouths of his patients a bit differently. He checked everyone for mouth odor and correlated it with his findings in the teeth and under the gums. By the time of her first visit he was prepared. He had created a “spreadsheet” of all the factors he found that contributed to bad breath and, how to treat it. He then examined her to find out which factors pertained to her. Treatment started immediately.

After her treatment was complete, she came back for her final visit with her fiancé in tow. They both thanked Dr. Miller and his team. A few months later, they were married. Dr. Miller was invited to speak at 9 international dental meetings and numerous other seminars across the globe.


If you know someone with a breath problem or if you are reading this for yourself, then chances are that you have tried the products available for bad breath and found out that they didn’t work. Because the bacteria that cause bad breath live in the tongue coating (biofilm), no product can penetrate this biofilm.

After seeing patients for chronic bad breath since 1993, Dr. Miller, has developed a technique called Tongue Rejuvenation to CURE bad breath for good. He can be reached at the National Breath Center in Falls Church at 703-533-0926.

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