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Richard A. Miller, DDS
Gum Disease? Cure It With Non-Surgical Laser Treatment
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Gum Disease? Cure It With Non-Surgical Laser Treatment

If you have been told that you need gum surgery or scaling and root planning, be advised that there is another way – Laser Assisted Gum Disease Treatment.

The advantages of this treatment, called LANAP, are these

No Cutting No Pain

Internal healing of the gum itself, not gum removal

Potential re-growth of bone

Back to work or play immediately

Lasers entered the realm of dentistry in the late 1980's. While the uses for dental lasers were still being discovered, the clinical evidence showed one laser stood above the rest. It was specifically designed to eliminate gum disease and grow bone back with no cutting, easy healing, and no pain.

Lasers are specific wavelengths of light created when a powerful beam of white light is passed through a substance that alters the wavelength such as a crystal or gemstone. The different wavelength determines what a laser can and cannot do.

One of the first and most successful – the Nd YAG laser – became available in 1998. Nd YAG stands for the words neodymium yttrium aluminum garnet, the substance the light passes through to create the laser beam.

The Nd YAG laser is the only FDA approved laser for treating periodontal or gum disease. Why? Because it is the only laser that does not damage healthy gum tissue.

Gum disease occurs when the bacteria living in the mouth settle between the teeth and gum creating gum pockets separations that occur as the inflammation caused by the bacteria eats away the gum and bone. If untreated, these bacteria create a vicious cycle of bone destruction and inflammation.

Aside from the surgical options, another popular option for treating gum disease is scaling and planing. This usually consists of four one-hour visits (or fewer) where the hygienist scales under the gum to remove all the tartar that has built up. The theory is that the removal of the under-the-gum irritant will heal the pockets. As popular as this procedure is, it is a closed procedure that is, no one can see inside the pocket while doing the treatment. In addition, it does not treat the gums specifically, where the inflamed tissue perpetuates the gum disease. That is where laser gum treatment comes in.

LANAP A Definitive Treatment

To avoid painful gum surgery, heal the gum itself, and grow bone back, LANAP is the only technique that has been thoroughly researched for this procedure.

Clinicians report that after a LANAP procedure their patients rarely take Tylenol or other medication and are back to work immediately. And those dentists who use LANAP on a regular basis report that LANAP is kinder to the gum tissue, painless, heals the tissue much faster, and patients who have it done are no longer afraid of gum disease treatment. But most importantly, in some people, clinicians report a re-growth of bone allowing people to retain their teeth and strengthen them.

So, if you want a kinder treatment for gum disease, to keep your teeth, try Laser Assisted Gum Disease Treatment.

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