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Richard A. Miller, DDS
Embarrassed By Your Breath?
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Embarrassed By Your Breath?

Are you afraid to be close to people?
Do you shy away from social gatherings?
Do people move away when you get near?
Feel stagnant in your job?
Are you afraid to be intimate?
Do you feel you are being judged?
Do people not want to sit near you?
If so, you are not alone. These are the typical signs of bad breath seen every day by dentists who specialize in bad breath treatment. Research shows that 90-95% of halitosis is caused by the sulfur-producing bacteria that live in the mouth. So, if you have bad breath, chances are extremely high it is coming from your mouth.
The research into the cause of bad breath all points to an overgrowth of destructive bacteria. This type of bacteria thrives inside the coating (biofilm) on the tongue.
The waste products (bacterial poop) of these bacteria, are air-borne sulfur compounds – the odors of rotten eggs, feces, and dirty socks – which is what we smell as bad breath.
What’s more, research into biofilms has shown that typical methods of tongue cleaning – cleaners and scrapers – do little to eliminate bad breath.
The same goes for mouthwashes and other preparations. Why? Because biofilm actually adheres to the surface of the tongue, making it impenetrable by home care treatments. That is, it gets into the nooks and crannies of the taste buds (see electron micrograph of a healthy taste bud below) and cannot all be removed.
Scraping and tongue cleaning, as well as mouthwashes and other hygiene aids, can only penetrate into the superficial layers of the biofilm – not where the odors are.
The only true way to permanently eliminate bad breath is through a painless process called Tongue Rejuvenation® which eliminates the odorous sulfur compounds (odor of feces, rotten eggs, and dirty socks) and the bacteria that produce them. Tongue Rejuvenation® creates life-long fresh breath by eliminating the biofilm coating on the tongue, the bacteria, and the odors for good.
This painless procedure has a 100% success rate over thousands of people treated, when performed by a professional who specializes in breath treatment.
So, if people step back when you get close, brush their fingers under their nose when you are near, quietly move a half step sideways, or turn their head, offer you gum or mints, or any other social signs that indicate your breath smells, then know this – you no longer have to live with bad breath anymore.
Tongue Rejuvenation® eliminates the bacteria, odors, and biofilm and can give you fresh breath for life.

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