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Center for Dental Anesthesia

About the Practice

Do you have a medical condition that makes dental work difficult? Do you suffer from dental anxiety? The Center for Dental Anesthesia specializes in comfort dentistry. Don’t let your fears, allergies, or disability get in the way of your oral health! We are also here to provide our community residents with all of their general, family, and cosmetic dentistry needs as well.


We create quality dental experiences for anxious or unique patients. We take patients who have suffered from dental discomfort, poor dental procedures, or conditions that make sitting in the dental chair difficult, and we provide them with true comfort dentistry.

Some of the other patients we serve include:

  • Fearful or uncooperative children.
  • Patients that do not numb or relax easily.
  • Those who have allergies to local anesthetic.
  • Individuals who are diagnosed with mental or physical health complications.
  • Patients with dental anxiety or dental phobia.

It’s time to skip the anxiety and the sensitivity and start enjoying true comfort dentistry.


Center for Dental Anesthesia
5284 Dawes Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22311

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