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Richard A. Miller, DDS
Live With Bad Breath? No More!
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Live With Bad Breath? No More!

Live With Bad Breath? No More!

Research has shown that chronic bad breath affects more than 65 million people in the United States alone. And, about half those numbers have unrelenting chronic bad breath, making life miserable for millions. The putrid odors that cause untold embarrassment, from the bad taste of morning breath to the smell of rotten eggs, feces, or dirty socks coming from the mouth of chronic halitosis sufferers can now be eliminated, for good.

Mouthwash, toothpaste, tongue scrapers and brushes are great, but once you develop real bad breath – halitosis – those are unlikely to fix the problem. Why? Because the bacteria that cause halitosis live deep within the biofilm (coating) that adheres to the top of the tongue surface. And, by definition, a biofilm grabs on to living tissue and can only be removed by some type of mechanical action, assuming you can get to it. To make it even worse, those bacteria live without air, so they can produce their waste products (odors of bad breath) – no matter how much you clean.

Research is clear on many things about halitosis. We know that bacteria cause the odors of bad breath. We also know that they live in the depths of the biofilm (coating) on the tongue and under the gums. We also know that no matter what we spray on them, rinse them with, or scrape the top layers with, they continue to flourish, multiplying and causing more odor. The key is total removal of the tongue coating and teaching people how to prevent its return. And once done, with simple home-care routines, it need never come back.

The problem is coming from the bacteria and odors within the biofilm. That biofilm is very difficult to penetrate. Over the counter tools and treatments simply cannot penetrate deep enough into the biofilm, so they are unable to reach the millions of bacteria that are causing the problem.

Original Tongue Rejuvenation® using new technology in dentistry, along with new halitosis elimination instruments, can eliminate the biofilm and cure bad breath in as little as 2-3 visits.

How do you know if you need Original Tongue Rejuvenation? If you are getting cues from others – turning their head a bit, rubbing under their nose, or sudden coughing – you probably have a serious problem with your breath. And no one will tell you!

Because people close to us are mostly too polite or they have gotten used to the odor little by little, they won’t tell you.

And, you may not have even smelled your own bad breath for the same reason – you got used to it over time. How to tell if you have a problem? Vigorously wipe a piece of white gauze over your tongue for 30 seconds. If the gauze is discolored, you have a problem. People with no halitosis have a clear colored gauze.

With Original Tongue Rejuvenation® you can get it treated today. You will thank yourself, and a lot of other people will thank you too. Remember,


And once it’s gone, it’s gone.

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