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Richard A. Miller, DDS
Embarrassed By Bad Breath? The Permanent Cure For Halitosis
National Breath Center®
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Embarrassed By Bad Breath? The Permanent Cure For Halitosis

Embarrassed By Bad Breath? The Permanent Cure For Halitosis

When you are close, do people rub their fingers under their nose? Cover their mouth? Cover their nose? Slightly turn their head? Offer you gum or mints? If you have seen these gestures, chances are you suffer from bad breath. And if the mouthwashes, mints, and gums don’t work well any longer, finally, there is a cure.

As you may already know, breath odor can smell like “rotten eggs,” “feces,” or even “dirty socks” and is caused by odors produced by bacteria that live in the coatings on the tongue. These bacteria form biofilms (coatings) that can only be removed by specialized and unique oral instruments invented at the National Breath Center. These Biofilm Removal Instruments® remove the coating that causes bad breath – a painless process– and the odor-causing bacteria that go with it.

A biofilm is like a living organism with its own ecosystem – with live bacteria, food, debris, dead skin cells, and its own waste management system – your mouth. This biofilm attaches itself into the nooks and crannies on the top of your tongue, filling up the spaces between taste buds and in many cases, covering them over. Even antibiotics cannot penetrate it so they are not an option to eliminate bad breath. The only way is removal of the biofilm coating.

So, why don’t mouthwashes, toothbrushes, or tongue cleaners work for serious bad breath? The reason is that the biofilm coating on the tongue is too thick to remove by scraping and too thick to be penetrated by mouthwashes. No matter the instrument used, it cannot reach into those microscopic nooks and crannies on the tongue surface leaving millions of bad breath bacteria to cause odors. In fact, the biofilm can be more than ¼ inch thick and doesn’t cause any discomfort.

Since 1993 a professional cure has been available that eliminates long standing and/or severe bad breath – a cure for the millions of people who have tried everything to no avail. If you have tried everything and are still embarrassed by your breath, consider Tongue Rejuvenation®.

One last thing. Most people cannot smell their own breath. It’s just nature’s way of allowing us to function without being aware of odors and some smells. And you might think that friends and family would tell you if there was a problem. Don’t count on it. The closer you are to a person the more they get used to your breath. And most people are too polite to hurt your feelings. Halitosis sufferers get their cues from other people’s actions, not their words.

So, if people react to you in close situations, you probably have noticeable bad breath. And morning breath that comes back later means your breath is bad enough to need treatment. Either way, Tongue Rejuvenation®, available exclusively at the National Breath Center for 30 years, is a painless technique that removes all the tongue biofilm and the odor. It will make you say goodbye to bad breath forever.

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