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Richard A. Miller, DDS
Bad Breath? There Is a Total Cure
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Bad Breath? There Is a Total Cure

Is your bad breath holding you back? Is it interfering with your social life? Your work life?

Wouldn’t you like to be confident in any social situation? Would you like to get that promotion at work? And wouldn’t you like to eliminate the whispers behind your back? If you are one of the 65 million Americans with bad breath (halitosis) there is a total cure.

Here are the signs and symptoms that can tell you if you have a bad breath problem:

  • People react negatively to you in close situations
  • People offer gums or mints
  • People rub under their nose or turn away
  • Coating on tongue – whitish, yellowish, or brown
  • Morning breath
  • Brushing and flossing do little for the odor
  • Regular mouthwashes wear off quickly
  • Bad taste
  • Dry mouth; thick saliva
  • Post nasal drip

If you have experienced any of these, then chances are you have chronic bad breath. For those who have it, bad breath can be a devastating condition affecting personal lives, business, and relationships. And, if you’re like most people with bad breath, you’ve probably tried all types of cures in a bottle from your pharmacy, your dentist, or from the Internet. But chances are you probably have to use them every day or even multiple times a day with no lasting results. Is that really a cure?

Experts agree that 90-95% of halitosis is caused by oral conditions – the sulphur producing bacteria that live in the mouth producing hydrogen sulfide – the odor of rotten eggs – and methyl mercaptan – the smell of feces. Americans spend over 10 billion dollars each year on dental hygiene and trying to cover up their bad breath with a stronger, more pleasant odor.  No more cover-ups. Now there is a cure.

Here’s why curing halitosis is more difficult than a quick in-out dental procedure – the bacteria. The bacteria that cause bad breath live in the mouth and excrete volatile sulfur compounds as their waste products – the direct odor of bad breath. These live bacteria hide in the accumulation of dead skin cells, blood cells, debris, dead bacteria, sugars, carbohydrates, and other digestible bacterial matter in a biological film (biofilm) on the tongue coating and under the gums.

Products or tongue scrapers, used to treat halitosis can’t penetrate that thickness due to its chemical adherence, but can only remove the top layers, which is why the results do not last. A biofilm, by definition, can only be removed by mechanical methods.

To do that, we use a process called Tongue Rejuvenation™, because it gets down to the source of the problem and painlessly removes it completely – and it is 100 percent effective.

No matter how long you’ve had it, or how bad it is, the total cure can eliminate your problem for good.

Get your confidence back and live the life you were meant to live with Tongue Rejuvenation™ and the Total Cure™.

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