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Richard A. Miller, DDS
The Emotional Cost of Bad Breath
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The Emotional Cost of Bad Breath

The Emotional Cost of Bad Breath

Have you ever thought about what bad breath is costing you? No, I’m not talking about money but about lost opportunities. How many “What if’s” have occurred in your life that could have been different if it weren’t for your breath getting in the way?

Having had the benefit of listening to thousands of people in the last 30 years, I can tell you that almost everyone has said, “if only”. “If only I had met the girl.” “If only I had met that guy.” “If only I had gotten that promotion……….” The people who have come to the National Breath Center regret their lost social life; the lost meeting; the lost intimacy; the lost job promotion. And many of them did not know a cure existed.

I can only empathize with these people. And lift the burden off them by curing their bad breath.

For the last 30 years, I have been curing people of halitosis. Within 3-4 painless visits I have eliminated their breath problem. And with only 2-3 minutes a day, they can keep it from coming back.

Unfortunately, the dental profession refuses to be aware of this. The research is out there. I personally have read hundreds of articles, starting from the 1850’s, that have proven where almost all bad breath comes from  (the tongue coating) and what to do about it (eliminate all the coating). I know it sounds simple because it really is. But changing the way dentists see halitosis has become impossible. Why?

Included in the research were articles that pointed to gum disease being the cause. They were no more important than the ones that pointed to the tongue, but dentistry chose to believe them. Now almost everyone I see has had a “deep cleaning” even when they had nothing deep at all – their gums were perfectly healthy. But when the deep cleaning didn’t work, these people were told, “You don’t have a problem”. Even worse were those who were referred to a physician when, after invasive tests were done and nothing was found, they were told to “brush and floss more”. The problem was, literally, right under their nose and they ignored it.

Halitosis has been thoroughly researched and proven that less than 10% of all bad breath comes from somewhere other than the mouth and that the vast majority of patients do not have gum disease causing their breath problem. It’s the biofilm coating on the tongue.

You don’t have to wait. The National Breath Center has designed, made, and patented instruments that get rid of bad breath. For the last 30 years.

You will never know the exact cost of bad breath but what I can tell you is that it doesn’t have to affect you anymore. There is a cure. As for your life, that is up to you. But at least you have the chance.

Now, it’s up to you.

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