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Richard A. Miller, DDS
Bad Breath? There Is a Cure
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Bad Breath? There Is a Cure

Bad breath can be a devastating condition for those who have it, affecting personal lives, business, and relationships. Over-the-counter bad breath products simply cover up the bad breath with a stronger, more pleasant odor that usually lasts a short time. Leading authorities estimate that up to 65 percent of Americans are plagued by chronic halitosis at some time. Experts also agree that 90 percent of halitosis is caused by oral conditions the sulfur producing bacteria that live in the mouth. They do nothing for the cause. In fact, Americans spend over 1 billion dollars each year trying to cover it up.

But there is a cure. Using scientific methods of diagnosis and treatment, there is a 95 percent cure rate for halitosis.

Chronic halitosis primarily involves two areas of the mouth – the tongue and the gum tissues. On the tongue, the odor-causing bacteria hide among the taste buds. Covered by coatings from foods and beverages and dead bacteria over years, the live bacteria thrive in the wet, air-free environment, producing the sulphur of bad breath. In addition, these bacteria also hide next to the teeth, within the normal gum spaces. When not thoroughly removed, they, too, produce these odor-causing compounds. These same bacteria also cause gum disease – the destruction of the bone and gums that holds our teeth in place that greatly adds to the problem.

Modern technological advances in diagnosis enable detection of the amount of halitosis that exists on the breath. With the use of an instrument that measures sulphur compounds, the severity of halitosis can be determined. This instrument is also used to measure the success of treatment. However, other dental conditions can also contribute to bad breath. Halitosis can come from tooth or gum abscess, food trapped between the teeth, and bleeding of the gums. A comprehensive halitosis examination is needed to determine all factors that cause halitosis.

Using the latest technology, based on the halitosis examination, halitosis is treated by a process called soft tissue rejuvenation – eliminating the sulfur compounds and bacteria throughout the mouth and providing individualized instructions to keep it from coming back.

With proper professional and at-home care, halitosis can now be diagnosed and eliminated at its source. It no longer need be an embarrassing problem in your social life and your business life. With proper professional and at-home care anyone can kiss bad breath goodbye!

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