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Richard A. Miller, DDS
Bad Breath Treatments That Don't Work
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Bad Breath Treatments That Don't Work

In a nutshell, here's what we know about halitosis

Its primary cause is anaerobic (without air) bacteria

These bacteria live inside the tongue coating, under the gums, and between the teeth

Bacteria create volatile sulfur compounds, the predominant odor of bad breath

Other foul odors are also created by bacteria that contribute to bad breath

Eliminating the tongue coating (biofilm), gum problems, and food traps eliminates halitosis

So what about all the so-called cures and treatments?

The most popular self-treatment for bad breath is over-the-counter (OTC) mouthwash and toothpaste, which really don't work. Why?

First, despite their advertising, they do not kill the bacteria that cause halitosis or neutralize the odors of bad breath. Their strength makes them best suited as disinfectants since the bacteria they target are not the oral bacteria that cause problems. And to get that astringent feeling, chemicals are added to fool us into thinking our mouth is “sterile” and clean.

OTC products contain sugars. Sugars are food for the bacteria that cause oral disease and bad breath.

OTC products create an acid level that does not match the acid level of saliva. Acid levels must be balanced-not too acid, not too alkaline or bacteria will overgrow; an overgrowth of the wrong bacteria and we either get tooth decay or halitosis and gum disease.

OTC products use chemicals that strongly dry the mouth. Dry mouth can be a major cause of halitosis as the bacteria incubate in dry places.

A complex set of ingredients goes into mouthwash products to make them palatable. Unfortunately, the resulting products either don't work, or are harmful to the oral environment. And, these mouthwashes and toothpastes do not have active ingredients that kill the halitosis-causing bacteria, but merely cover up one odor with another, more pleasant one.

What About Other Products Like Gums and Mints?

Currently there are no gums or mints that kill the halitosis-causing bacteria or eliminate their odor. However, the best of the lot contain a high percentage of xylitol, a sugar substitute with the unique property of stimulating saliva flow. While xylitol won't directly reduce bad breath, it will help increase saliva, which will wash away some bacteria.

How About Mouth Sprays?

Basically thy have the same problem as mouthwash. Over the counter products only cover up the noxious odor of bad breath and do nothing for the cause.

What Does Work?

If you are serious about curing your bad breath and not just covering it up, professional treatment is the way to go. Professional treatment eliminates the bacteria at the source and eliminates all the factors contributing to bad breath.

Only with Tongue Rejuvenation and Halitosis Elimination can one's breath be fresh forever guaranteed!

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