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Richard A. Miller, DDS
Kiss Bad Breath Goodbye
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Kiss Bad Breath Goodbye

Kiss Bad Breath Goodbye

Has anyone ever stepped back when you approach? Turned to one side? Rubbed under their nose? Offered you gum or mints? If so, these people are probably telling you that you have noticeable bad breath.

Bad breath can be a devastating condition for those who have it – affecting personal lives, business, and relationships. Researchers estimate that 60-90 million Americans have mild to severe halitosis. Typically, these odors are described as rotten eggs, garbage, dirty socks, and even the odor of feces.

Bad breath, or halitosis, is caused by an overgrowth of destructive bacteria. This type of bacteria lives without air and, in halitosis, produce air-borne sulfur compounds – the odors people close to us smell if we have bad breath. The bacteria that cause bad breath live inside and under the tongue coating. Everyone with serious bad breath has some tongue coating. While many people have it, the tongue coating isn’t normal.

Halitosis mostly involves primarily one area of the mouth – the top of the tongue. On the tongue, the odor-causing bacteria hide among the taste buds. Covered by months or even years of debris, dead bacteria, dead blood cells, and fermented foods, the live bacteria within the coating thrive in what is called a biofilm, short for biological film. In this wet, air-free environment, they produce the sulfur odors of bad breath.

One of the most important characteristics of this biofilm, is that it literally grabs onto mouth tissue, especially around the taste buds. Mouthwashes, tongue cleaners and toothbrushes can only penetrate the top layers of the biofilm on the tongue. That’s why nothing seems to work for very long for people with severe bad breath.

In addition, researchers are now proving that these same bacteria cause gum inflammation and are a scientifically proven factor in heart disease, diabetes, stroke, bacterial pneumonia, and other life-threatening diseases.

There are two ways to treat halitosis. First, mouthwashes, toothpastes, gums, mints and other products can give some short-term relief as a cover-up, with a stronger, more pleasant odor masking the bad breath odor. But as the bacteria and odors eat through it over time, the pleasant odor runs out and bad breath comes back, sometimes worse. That’s why people complain that their mouthwash only lasts an hour or two. Even professional strength products have a limited time of effectiveness for chronic bad breath.

The other way is to cure halitosis by a process called Tongue Rejuvenation®. This works by eliminating the biofilm in a painless, hands-on, dental procedure. When the biofilm is removed, so are the bacteria and odors of bad breath. This technique is 100% effective and has been proven in thousands of people when performed by a dental professional who specializes in halitosis elimination. And, once bad breath is eliminated it can easily be kept from coming back.

So, if people are giving you the cues of bad breath, with Tongue Rejuvenation, you can truly kiss bad breath goodbye.

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