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Richard A. Miller, DDS
Permanent Cure For Halitosis Embarrassed By Bad Breath?
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Permanent Cure For Halitosis Embarrassed By Bad Breath?

Do people step back when you get close? Brush their fingers under their nose when you are near? Quietly move a half step sideways or turn their head? Offer you gum or mints? Or, any other social signs that indicate you are not welcome in “their space”? If so, you probably have bad breath, or halitosis.

If this happens to you, forget the gums, mints, toothpastes, and mouthwash. These can help cover-up the odor, but they are not cures. In a manner of speaking they are designed to cover-up one bad odor with a stronger, more pleasant one.

Since 1993 a complete cure has been available that creates life-long fresh breath. It has changed the lives of thousands of the 65 million Americans who are affected by halitosis.

Bad breath is due to the bacteria that inhabit the mouth, particularly those on the tongue, under the gums, and between the teeth. These bacteria form biofilms (coatings) that can only be removed by special mechanical means. As you may already know, bad breath odor smells like “rotten eggs” that comes from hydrogen sulfide in the mouth, and the smell of “dirty socks” is caused by other sulfur compounds produced by these bacteria.

Here are the signs and symptoms that can tell you if you have a breath problem

Coating on tongue whitish, yellowish, or brown

People react to you in close situations

Bad taste

Morning breath

Brushing and flossing do little to reduce the odor

Regular mouthwashes wear off quickly

Dry mouth; thick saliva

Post nasal drip

Bad breath occurs due to the accumulation, sometimes over years, of the biofilm which is visible as a coating on the tongue. This coating takes many shapes and varies in thickness, surface area, and activity, which determine the severity of the breath odor. A biofilm is like a living organism on your tongue with living bacteria, food (debris, dead skin cells, dead blood cells, mucous, etc.) and its own waste management system your mouth.

This biofilm attaches itself into the nooks and crannies of the top of your tongue many times filling up the spaces between taste buds and in severe cases, covering them over. It is especially severe on the back part of the tongue which is difficult to see when looking in the mirror.

For chronic bad breath sufferers, the key to a permanent cure is the removal of the biofilm coating from the tongue and under the gums. It is a painless technique called Tongue Rejuvenation that physically removes that “living organism” from the tongue.

So, if you have bad breath, there is a way to say goodbye to it forever. By professionally eliminating those bacterial biofilms one can be halitosis-free forever.

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