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Richard A. Miller, DDS
There Is a Total Cure Bad Breath
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There Is a Total Cure Bad Breath

Do you have a problem with your breath? Ever gotten any “bad-breath cues” when you get near someone like someone stepping back when you approach, turning to one side, rubbing a finger under their nose, or offering you gum or mints? Or even walking away? Or, do you notice a bad taste or an odor? If any of these happen to you, you probably have bad breath.

Bad breath can be a devastating condition for those who have it affecting personal lives, business, and relationships. Researchers estimate the number of Americans with mild to severe chronic halitosis at over 60 million people.

Bad breath, or halitosis is caused by an overgrowth of destructive anaerobic bacteria, the same type that cause gum disease and tooth loss. This type of bacteria lives without air and, in halitosis, thrives inside the coating on the tongue, under the gums, between the teeth, and any other place where food is, such as untreated decay or ill-fitting fillings or crowns. These bacteria produce air-borne sulfur compounds the odor of rotten eggs, dirty socks, and even feces which is what people close to us smell if we have bad breath.

Halitosis primarily involves two areas of the mouth the tongue and the gum tissues. On the tongue, the odor-causing bacteria hide among the taste buds. Covered by months to years of coatings of debris, dead bacteria, dead blood cells, and fermented foods, the live bacteria within the coating thrives in the wet, air-free environment, producing the sulfur odors of bad breath rotten eggs, feces, cabbage, gasoline, or garbage. In addition, these bacteria also hide next to the teeth, within the normal gum space producing these same odor-causing compounds.

There are two ways to treat halitosis. First, mouthwashes, toothpastes, gums, mints and other cover-ups can give some short-term relief. No matter which product you choose, if you have to use it once a day or more, it is a cover-up, because over time, the bacteria and odors eat through it, determining its time limit of “effectiveness”. Consumer Reports, in a landmark test on mouthwash, showed that the average mouthwash lasted about two hours or less.

The second way is not a cover-up but a real cure. Called Tongue Rejuvenation, it eliminates the odorous sulfur compounds and the bacteria that produce them down to the source the base of the tongue. Tongue Rejuvenation is a Total Cure that has a 100% success rate over thousands of people treated when performed by a professional who specializes in breath treatment.

If bad breath has been taking a toll on your life embarrassment, loss of confidence, anxious in social and work situations Tongue Rejuvenation can be the Total Cure for bad breath. You truly can kiss bad breath goodbye.

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