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Richard A. Miller, DDS
Tongue Rejuvenation – The Answer To Bad Breath
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Tongue Rejuvenation – The Answer To Bad Breath

Tongue Rejuvenation – The Answer To Bad Breath

Despite the myths that bad breath comes from the stomach, the sinuses, or a “dirty mouth”, research has shown that almost 95% of all bad breath comes from the bacteria in our mouth (the other 5% comes from end-stage disease like kidney or liver failure). Yet, the most common complaint heard from sufferers of chronic bad breath is that their doctors or dentist can’t help them.

Countless medical tests like h. pylori, nasal exams, and GI tests for GERD are done each year with no results. Thousands of people take antacids for problems that have nothing to do with bad breath. And dentists tell their patients every day to “brush and floss more” if they want to eliminate bad breath.

Yet none of this works. That is because the problem is located on the tongue.  

The bacteria of halitosis live in a coating (biofilm) on the tongue that can be over ¼” thick. This biofilm literally grabs onto the tongue and protects the underlying bacteria from all oral hygiene techniques including tongue cleaners and scrapers and even mouthwashes. That is because they can only affect the top layers of biofilm, not the ones deep below where the odors come from. And that is why most sufferers report that nothing they do works for very long.

But a new trademarked process called Tongue Rejuvenation® can professionally eliminate the biofilm layer and give everyone fresh breath for life.

Tongue Rejuvenation, pioneered at the National Breath Center, is a painless, hands-on dental procedure that removes the biofilm – all layers, all bacteria, and all odors – in as little as three visits.

It’s a simple fact: no biofilm = no odor.

Tongue Rejuvenation eliminates bad breath at its source and with proper home care techniques, keep it from coming back – for good.

What can you do to eliminate bad breath? If you’ve had it for more than a year, almost 30 years of experience says that chances are nothing you do will cure it, but you may be successful at covering it up with gums and mints or professional strength mouthwash. But be careful – nothing screams “I have bad breath” more than Altoids or similar mints or gums.

If everything you’ve tried only lasts a short time; if you find yourself worrying about meeting with people; if you avoid social occasions or gatherings at work; or, if bad breath is keeping you from living the life you want, Tongue Rejuvenation can be the answer. And it can last a lifetime with proper at home oral hygiene practices.

It’s unfortunate that chronic bad breath, an insidious condition that is brushed aside by the medical and dental communities, causes untold anguish in personal and professional lives. Remarks behind their back, people turning away, rubbing under the nose, or even walking away when they get near, are just some of the insults these sufferers must endure. But it no longer needs to happen. Tongue Rejuvenation is now available.

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