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Richard A. Miller, DDS
Is Bad Breath Ruining Your Life?
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Is Bad Breath Ruining Your Life?

Is Bad Breath Ruining Your Life?

Do people rub under their nose when you come close? Move, or just turn away a bit? Offer you gum or mints? If so, you are probably one of the 60 million Americans that have serious bad breath.

About 95% of all bad breath comes from the bacteria in the mouth. So, in the absence of a serious illness, chances are your bad breath is coming from what’s happening in your mouth. But as research has shown, all the brushing and flossing you do won’t help. Why? Because the odors are coming from your tongue.

As layer upon layer of bacteria pile on top of the tongue and mix with debris, mucous, foods, and dead skin cells from our cheeks and the roof of our mouth, these bacteria are protected in an almost impenetrable environment called a biofilm.

What’s more, the bacteria in the biofilm continuously create sulphur compounds that smell like rotten eggs, feces, and a host of other odors – odors that we call bad breath.

When examined, it is  routine to see tongue coatings of up to a quarter inch thick, evidence that it has been building up for years.

Biofilm, by definition, grabs onto the tongue surface and can only be removed by serious mechanical action. But, not even tongue scraping or tongue brushing can remove enough of the biofilm coating to totally eliminate halitosis because they cannot penetrate down to the base of the tongue.

Even professional products can only penetrate a few layers into the biofilm so, it’s no wonder that “nothing works” for people with chronic, severe bad breath.

How can you tell if you have bad breath? Here’s a modern-day test. Take a selfie of your tongue. Enlarge it. If you can see and count every taste bud, chances are you don’t have a problem. But if you see a coating that looks like a creamy white or yellowish blanket covering even parts of your tongue, you may have halitosis.

Here’s another test. Between meals, take a 2″ x 2″ sterile gauze, lightly wet it, and rub it vigorously on the back of the tongue for a few seconds. Then do it again. If there is a yellow or brown color and an unpleasant odor, chances are you have a breath problem. But be aware that even if you don’t smell something, that doesn’t mean it’s not there. Due to the phenomenon of “adaptation”, we all get used to our own odors and you may not be able to pick out the bad breath odors on the gauze. In that case, the reactions of other people are your best bet.

Tests or not, if you are experiencing people rubbing under their nose, turning their heads, taking a step back, not getting close, or offering you gums or mints, you may need professional care.

Original Tongue Rejuvenation®, is a real cure for bad breath. It is a professional technique that painlessly eliminates all the biofilm, neutralizes odors, and can create fresh breath for life. Remember this: NO BIOFILM = NO ODOR.

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