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Richard A. Miller, DDS
Bad Breath: Control vs. Cure
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Bad Breath: Control vs. Cure

The nature of bad breath is progressive which is why many people are unaware that they even have it. A little “swig” of mouthwash usually covers it up in the beginning. As layer upon layer of bacteria pile on top of the tongue and under the gums, intermixed with last year’s Christmas dinner, debris, dead blood cells from slightly or moderately bleeding gums, and skin cells that are normally sloughed off from our cheeks and the roof of our mouth, these bacteria are protected in an almost impenetrable environment. This becomes a living organism unto itself and is called an ecosystem.

An ecosystem is defined as “a community of living organisms (plants, animals and microbes) in conjunction with the nonliving components of their environment (things like air, water and mineral soil), interacting as a system” (Wikipedia). This is what lives in our mouths and causes bad breath or halitosis on a continuous basis. It is always alive and continuously creates sulfur compounds that smell like rotten eggs and poop, that we call bad breath. The entire tongue coating is called a biological film, or biofilm. Dentists who cure bad breath routinely see tongue coatings of up to one quarter inch thick that have been building up for decades.

That is why products alone can only cover-up bad breath, not cure it, making the user dependent on more products. Some do it with a stronger, more pleasant odor, like the mint flavor in gums, mints, and mouthwash. Others add a chemical that creates astringency, a “pucker-up” effect that gives your mouth a feeling of cleanliness, while still others actually remove some bacteria to offer temporary relief, but do not penetrate the months’ years, or even decades, of the coating.  In fact, almost all products that treat bad breath have some type of ingredients that actually feed the bacteria.

If you are using any of these to cover-up your breath or bad taste, or if people are turning their heads, rubbing under their nose, taking a step back, not getting close, offering you gums or mints, or are stand-offish, you need to make a decision. You can continue to temporarily disguise the biofilm (coating) and its odor as it slowly grows more chronic, thicker, and more difficult to remove, or you can have it totally removed once and for all so it no longer is a problem in your life.

As opposed to a cover-up, in professional treatment, the tongue is healed with a technique called Tongue Rejuvenation®, which removes the biofilm and odor-causing compounds. It is so effective that it is called the Total Cure®.

Consider a Total Cure if:

  1. Bad breath is interfering with your life
  2. Cover-ups are working less and less, or
  3. You’re tired of being embarrassed by your breath.

The choice is now yours: Cover-up or cure.

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