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Richard A. Miller, DDS
Halitosis Bacteria Gone Bad
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Halitosis Bacteria Gone Bad

Bad breath severe, chronic halitosis is a serious problem for those who have it. This insidious condition causes untold anguish in personal and professional lives.

Remarks behind their back, people turning away, rubbing under the nose, or even walking away when they get near, are just some of the insults these sufferers must endure. Where does bad breath come from?

Despite the myths that bad breath comes from the stomach, sinuses, or a “dirty mouth”, simply put, almost 95% of all bad breath comes from the bacteria in your mouth.

The bacteria of halitosis live in a biofilm (coating) that is over a quarter inch thick in some places on the tongue. Different than a coating, a biofilm literally grabs onto the surface of the tongue and protects bacteria from all oral hygiene techniques.

Even tongue scraping and professional strength mouthwashes only penetrate the top layers of biofilm, not the ones deep below where the odors come from. That is why most sufferers report that nothing they use works for very long. But a new trademarked process called Tongue Rejuvenation can professionally eliminate it.

Tongue Rejuvenation, a painless, hands-on dental procedure, removes the biofilm all layers, all bacteria, and all odors – in as little as three visits. It’s a simple fact “No biofilm = No odor”. With these new, sophisticated techniques, dentists trained in Tongue Rejuvenation can eliminate bad breath at the source and with proper home care techniques, keep it from coming back for good.

What can you yourself do if you have a bad breath problem? Start with good oral hygiene that includes tongue cleaning. Even though it will only penetrate the top layers of the biofilm, it may still provide some relief. Another thing to try is a professional strength mouthwash that has a mild flavor.

Nothing screams, “I have bad breath” more than Altoids or similar, strong mints or gums. Some people have good results using a vitamin C powder in water, such as Emergen-C. This product acidifies the mouth, which has a detrimental effect on some of the bad breath bacteria.

Another technique that might help would be oral probiotics. Look for the Blis K12 and M18 strains in tablet form for use in the mouth. While not a cure, these friendly bacteria are known to crowd out some of the bad breath bacteria. But, what if these techniques don’t work?

If everything you’ve tried only lasts a short time; if you find yourself worrying about meeting new people; if you avoid social occasions or gatherings at work; in short, if bad breath is keeping you from living the life you want, Tongue Rejuvenation can be the answer. It is a painless technique that removes all the biofilm, where the odor comes from, eliminates the bad bacteria and allows the good bacteria to repopulate the mouth. And, it can last a lifetime with proper at home oral hygiene practices.

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