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Richard A. Miller, DDS
A Cure For Bad Breath What If Mouthwash, Mints, and Gums Don't Work?
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A Cure For Bad Breath What If Mouthwash, Mints, and Gums Don't Work?

If you are one of the 65 million Americans with halitosis, you've probably tried most of the products on the market to treat your bad breath. Maybe, you've even spent thousands on internet products that make big claims but only offer temporary relief. You're not alone.

Americans spend over $10 billion on breath products every year. According to Consumer Reports, these products last an average of two hours. In fact, there has been no improvement in these products since 1992 when Consumer Reports did their study. A recent inquiry to Consumer Reports revealed that they felt no need to re-study mouthwash as the ingredients have barely changed.

The truth is that every product you can purchase for bad breath is doomed to fail. Why? Because they cannot penetrate the biofilm on the tongue where the odors come from.

Research has clearly shown that 90-95% of bad breath comes from the mouth. And the two places it originates from are the top of the tongue and under the gums. Here is the way that works.

On the top of the tongue is a biofilm coating that contains a number of different elements. These can be broken down into three types. First is the bacteria. The bacteria that cause bad breath are anaerobic they live without air. So even the very bottom layers of the biofilm have live bacteria. The second part of the biofilm is the food supply for the bacteria.

This consists of dead skin cells, dead blood cells, mucous, proteins, and all types of debris. The third part of the biofilm are the waste products of the bacteria their poop which we smell as bad breath.

So, in order to be effective, a product like mouthwash or mints, as well as tongue scrapers of all kinds must penetrate to the lowest levels of the biofilm on the tongue. Unfortunately there is no product that can do this. So, where to turn?

Fortunately, there is a process available that professionally removes the biofilm layer on the tongue called Tongue Rejuvenation. Tongue Rejuvenation was discovered in 1993 by a local dentist searching for a way to save a patients' engagement. Combining all the research he could find at the Georgetown University School of Medicine, some dating back to the 1800s, he pieced together a technique that eliminated biofilm down to the very base of the tongue. The result was a clean, healthy tongue with no more biofilm and no more odor. In essence,

No Biofilm = No Odor

While this technique has been taught to over 10,000 dentists, few now provide this service. What has become popular are the professional strength mouthwashes available on the internet and also sold in dental offices. However, even with their double strength, they too cannot penetrate the depths of the biofilm where the bacteria constantly spew out their waste and odors. Tongue Rejuvenation remains the only way to eliminate biofilm the cause of bad breath permanently.

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