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Linda Penkala, Author, LMT

Optimum Health For Life

Columbia, MD

“If you’re not INVESTING in your health, you may be GAMBLING on your health.”

This home-grown quote is the result of Linda pouring her heart and hands into the health and wellbeing of patients these last 34 years. She adds value to their lives as her patients experience profound relaxation, peace and stillness – all essential assets for robust longevity. Linda’s personal and professional journey drives her work in raising awareness to pay attention to lifestyle choices in regard to cardiovascular disease, the #1 killer for men and women. She empowers her patients to lessen stress holistically through:

Therapeutic Massage – including Thai Rocking Massage, Swedish/Deep Tissue, Hands-Free Massage, Emotional Freedom Release with Tapping, Vagus Nerve Breathing tools, deep heat, and prayer.

Aromatherapy with Young Living Oils – including Raindrop Therapy for immune support, customized oil blends for massage, customized nasal inhalers, and Essential Oils 101- taught online or live to a group or business.

Education/Writing – virtual & in-person health and wellness presentations covering topics such as meditation, self-massage, EFT tapping, hands-on breathing applications. Linda’s published wellness articles (on website) and recent heart health book for women, The Pause to Relax Ladies for Robust Heart Health, can be found on Amazon, Kindle, E-books, and bookstores.

Affiliations – Member of Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP), Central Maryland Chamber (CMC), Business Women’s Network (BWN). Support to Believe Big, Maryland Therapeutic Riding, St. Joseph’s Indian School, New Life, Compassion International.

Linda Penkala, Author, LMT, Wellness Speaker


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