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Linda Penkala, Author, LMT
Peace, For the Holidays and New Year
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Peace, For the Holidays and New Year

Peace, For the Holidays and New Year

With Grit, Grace, and Gratitude

There was no shortage of human grit while making it through the 2020-2021 Pandemic, whether in your family, business or globally. The courage and bravery we witnessed for the health and wellness of communities became far reaching. As we close 2021 can we offer a poised state of grace, with loved ones, co-workers, and faith families, to ease the burden of this difficult year? Digging deep to access a soft spot to find the reasons to be grateful, is the antidote to stress, anxiety and upset. Making choices with heart, mind, soul and spirit to have the intention to live a life with purpose, joy and harmony by adapting a new wellness tool box for Christmas, the holidays, and New Year.

Holiday Wellness Tool Box

  • Plan – having targeted lists for meals, social engagements, kid’s games, gratitude box to have all fill out.
  • Purpose – knowing the reason to gather together with family to celebrate, eat, embrace love, reconnect, laugh, thank God, and share joy especially with the elders.
  • Play – not simply watching football all day! Try playing games with relatives and kids to connect with a soccer ball, football, or walk, to be outside for fresh air and fun.
  • Pass On – a task by asking for help to make a pie, bring a dish or help clean up.
  • Pause – take a moment after, to celebrate in peace with a prayer of gratitude, meditation, or schedule a massage, to relax and wind down. 

New Year Wellness Tool Box

  • Simple – Pass, on the resolutions or to do lists, and have a simple to BE list – be more present, be a good listener, be more loving, be patient, and BEfriend YOURSELF!
  • Stress – Pause to pay attention to your rising levels emotionally and at work, keeping stress hormone of cortisol down, by meditating, deep breathing, praying, being with friends, exercising, relaxing with breathwork and EFT Tapping.
  • Sugar – One unique detriment to health, its’ impact on the immune system, especially chocolate or sweet drinks, and if alcohol, the effects it has on restless sleep and relationships.
  • Sleep – in REM before midnight, to restore, rest and rejuvenate, with chamomile tea, lemon balm, lavender, cedarwood oil, hot Epsom salt baths, and peaceful music.
  • Save – Time through the months to have fun, uplifting moments with friends to raise oxytocin levels, while lowering cortisol, raising your gratitude and joy.
  • P/S – Pause and Smile in Peace!
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