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Linda Penkala, Author, LMT
The Beauty Of Friendships
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The Beauty Of Friendships

The Beauty Of Friendships

For Lasting Longevity and Health

Looking back with fond memories of being with close friends during a magical moment of laughter and silliness is a joyful feeling that uplifts and encourages us. Tapping into that energy and love when sincere hearts connect, is the very juice that women need to thrive. Friendships matter, and these last two years our bonds may have suffered, but now we can savor intentional times to walk and talk, go for a meal, have a tea/coffee or drink, or simply sit and chillax!

Research reveals the physiological impact that friendships offer us, as our health assurance for body, mind, soul and spirit. What follows is ground breaking truth with practical applications for women of all ages:

Endless studies continue to validate that friendship is a key to longevity and avoiding heart disease as it helps promote immunity and healing within the body by way of social contact.

Friendships help deal with emotions, and help lessen our stress response. This is called tending and befriending when our connecting helps lower the stress hormone cortisol, while raising the happy hormone of oxytocin throughout the body.

Like wine, they get better with age. The average length of female friendships, is 16 years, six more years than men. Then after 55, friendships last 23 years!

One strong indicator of health and happiness is how many friends you engage with, especially during traumatic emotional times, like grief, divorce, or drama/trauma.

The understanding within friendships is a voice of honesty, like none other, as friends help ward off loneliness, which is associated with a 29% increased risk of having a heart attack, and a 32% higher risk of having a stroke.

A happy friend less than a mile away increases happiness 25%, but having a negative nellie, co-ruminating friend can increase stress levels.

 Marissa Franco, Ph. D. from D.C. and friendship expert, states that friends help protect cognitive health, and conversations are like food to the brain.

In a 2006 study, socially isolated women were 64% more likely to die from cancer.

Our friendship’s role of belonging, adds to a strong resilience courtesy of emotional support, that no man or relative can equal through life.

 A German study showed that a man can add to a woman’s stress when dealing with an emotional situation, but friends help keep you on an even keel, so begin to find balance now, by calling a friend to laugh with.

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