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Linda Penkala, Author, LMT
What Is Your Health Legacy Others Witness That You May Leave Behind
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What Is Your Health Legacy Others Witness That You May Leave Behind

4 generations of family – Linda’s mom, daughter, and Granddaughter

As Bob Marley states: “The greatness of a person is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.”

As a woman, we may be aware that others are watching us, from our children, nieces, nephews, to grandchildren and beyond. Our legacy meant not only in regard to money, but the richness from our health, and how we acquire that through lifestyle choices, others have an opportunity to witness.

My little Filipino Grandma Re was exactly that for me – a sound, wise presence who had totally different ideas and choices than my mom. From toothpaste, with baking soda, to taking Vitamin C, or crushing garlic with a rock before cooking it! She was a nurse by trade, but a holistic mentor for me as a child, watching her choices impact her health and the family’s.  Let’s travel through the decades to see how women and hypothetical choices unfold:

AGES 20-40 – securing a career or settling down to start a family, or beginning and retiring from the military. A fast pace and stress can deter women from paying attention to their health and solid choices for the family. Are children watching you exercise, drink water, eat fruits/veggies, volunteer, relax, pray/meditate or do yoga? Hybrid working can take a lot of intentional balancing and support.

AGES 40-60 – moments of change with employment may arise, necessitating a new career path, due to stress, finances, family, or a move. Women may return to work after raising or homeschooling children and begin thinking about the future. Poor lifestyle choices of smoking, drinking, or no exercise begin to catch up with noticeable symptoms. The rubber hits the road here, but women taking proactive choices, becomes a guiding light for others.

AGES 60-80 – families dynamics can change as elders may need some care, while women are working or retired. Should that be the situation, do others see you asking for help, de-stressing, or attending to sleep and work/life balance? Are you embracing new avenues of self-exploration in regard to health, wellness and spiritual practices? Friendships and faith are guiding anchors for meaningful love.

AGES 80-100 – staying active with movement, friends, family and a faith community are proactive lifestyle choices that allow joy and love to flow. Coming more from the heart, regardless of physical challenges is the gift. Hobbies and learning new skills are manna for your brain, and so rich for great grand kids to see. Photos and memories plant the seeds for future generations to Bless, for their wealth of health.

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