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Linda Penkala, Author, LMT
Wellness Technology From Nature, Light And Frequency
Optimum Health For Life
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Wellness Technology From Nature, Light And Frequency

<strong>Wellness Technology From Nature, Light And Frequency</strong>

For Cancer And Wellness Support

Life offers us lessons from health challenges and the opportunity to embrace ancient and cutting-edge technology to enhance healing whether fighting cancer or any disease. For decades these hands have touched and learned so much from my massage therapy clients who have embraced these complementary modalities with success!        

Mistletoe Therapy – an integrative cancer therapy to lessen tumor related pain, and decrease the risk of tumor recurrence. This is a fraction of the cost of chemo/radiation and can be used along with conventional treatments to help lessen their side effects. This IV application is prescribed by a trained M.D., D.O., or N.D. in Mistletoe Therapy. This is the widely preferred choice in Germany and Switzerland, whereas here in the U.S. every treatment is studied in phases. Phase I of the Mistletoe clinical trial is complete at Johns Hopkins so this can be considered for conventional use in cancer treatment. Read the published study here www.believebig.org where they help families face, fight and overcome cancer. Co-founder and Executive Director Ivelisse Page is a stage IV colon cancer thriver, who won her battle and is cancer free!

Phototherapy – or photo biomodulation goes hand in hand with regenerative medicine as this wearable wellness technology implements your own body’s heat to enhance healing. When this non-transdermal patch is placed on acupuncture points, like the sun stimulates Vitamin D production, they boost cellular activity through frequencies of light along the body’s meridians. If meridians are blocked, due to trauma or pathogens, pain and discomfort can result. Once the energy is open, they help enhance sleep, activate stem cells, improve moods, lessen pain and offer energy. Clinically proven to enhance health, vitality and the immune system, these patches have helped clients immeasurably.

Essential Oils and Frequency – Robert O. Becker M.D. author of The Body Electric validates the human body has an electrical frequency and we can determine the state of health by this. Nikola Tesla said if you could eliminate certain outside frequencies that interfered in our bodies, one could have greater resistance toward disease. The human body has its own frequency as Bruce Tainio in 1992 built the first frequency monitor in the world. When frequency drops from a healthy 62-68 MHz, the immune system is compromised as each disease has a frequency – cancer begins at 42MHz or a cold invades at 59MHz. The hope we have is that Nature provides essential oils, a natural way to increase and influence electrical frequency, where bacteria and virus can’t thrive. Idaho Blue Spruce has the highest frequency of any oil at 580 MHz and your own thoughts can lower frequency if negative by 12 MHz or raise them to 10 MHz if positive, but prayer and meditation raises frequency by 15MHz.

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