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Linda Penkala, Author, LMT
The Simple Healing Benefits Of Light Via Phototherapy For The Body
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The Simple Healing Benefits Of Light Via Phototherapy For The Body

<strong>The Simple Healing Benefits Of Light Via Phototherapy For The Body</strong>

An Ancient Healing Modality for Modern Times

The science of phototherapy using light to enhance health and well being has been around for over 100 years, like low level laser therapy. However, over two thousand years ago, the ancient Greeks had healing centers applying different colored lights on the body along with the Egyptians using sunlight through colored glass on the body. Particular light frequencies cause specific changes in the body, a very similar principle to the frequency of sunlight, that stimulates the body to produce Vitamin D.

We now have at our fingertips an innovative healing modality that is wearable wellness technology like a band aid, by simply putting a 50-cent piece round patch on the body. Having a non-transdermal, drug and chemical free invention that uses the body heat as its power source sounds like a futuristic movie. But it is not, and as a holistic practitioner over 35 years sharing an easy application for clients, is exciting!  Placed on acupuncture points help decrease pain, enhance sleep, improve moods, activate stem cells, and offer energy. For their body to heal themselves, staying hydrated, moving and learning about LifeWave patches, is an opportunity for total body healing, by boosting cellular activity through frequencies of light along the meridians.

This term photobiomodulation is going hand in hand with regenerative medicine to offer a safe, non-pharmaceutical application to open energy flow. The patented technology by placing a wafer-thin patch on clean, dry skin is adaptogenic in nature, knowing how to regulate and normalize the body’s systems. David Schmidt the inventor, with over 130 patents was asked by the United States Navy Seals to create a safe, chemical free alternative to coffee or stimulants to keep the mini-sub sailors awake. Hence, the Energy Enhancer patch was created and utilized with great success! He did not stop there, but continued with Silent Night for sleep, Aeon for inflammation and stress, along with x49 for bone and heart support among others.                  

The Stanford University swim team has set records, and professional athletes have been using LifeWave patches for years, like David Beckham when playing. Current NFL athletes, and former injured ones like James Brown and Dick Butkus are feeling the benefits from certain patches like Ice Wave for pain. And we can’t forget horses, who show reduced inflammation via thermal infrared, as rodeo and thoroughbred trainers with AcuLife patch witness immediate benefits to their horse’s muscular pain. All without a vet’s prescription, allowing light to open the horse’s meridians, for proper energy flow. Let there be light!

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