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Linda Penkala, Author, LMT
Your New Year’s 2023 Revolution In Health – Creating Your Wellness Team For Selfcare
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Your New Year’s 2023 Revolution In Health – Creating Your Wellness Team For Selfcare

Your New Year’s 2023 Revolution In Health – Creating Your Wellness Team For Selfcare

One of the most successful investors of all times, Warren Buffet, in a recent article spoke more of not hard monetary investments, but soft, human ones like selfcare. Invest in yourself, he stated, that echoes my favorite homemade quote: “If you’re not investing in your health, you may be gambling on your health.” He also suggested investing in learning, reading books, surrounding yourself with successful people and loving your job. “Anything you invest in yourself; you get back tenfold.” said Buffet.

This writer’s life lesson in the above, focusing on and remembering selfcare was highlighted in my book, The Pause to Relax Ladies for Robust Heart Health, chapter 6 – “The Birth of Your Wellness Team (Wellcare Reform).” The accumulation of not paying attention to selfcare, nor stress, resulted in A Fib years ago. From deep soul searching, came the realization I did not regularly benefit from my holistic health care team, but I do now!

Finding and creating your wellness tribe to surround and support you through the years is just as important as a physical, your eye doctor, dentist, or cardiologist, if not more so. Your intentional pro-active choices to see caring holistic healthcare professionals will be the glue that holds you together, weaving peace and sanity into the upheavals in life. Consider this as a lifestyle prescription you write yourself, mindfully, just like maintaining an oil change, or buying food to sustain life. They all build resilience, by investing in mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.

Tips For Designing Your Wellness Team:

  • Ask friends or co-workers to refer to a practitioner they use
  • Take advantage of a free trial period or discount to a swim, yoga or fitness class
  • Ask your physician, naturopath or chiropractor to refer a licensed massage therapist, acupuncturist, or yoga studio. Visit my professional organization at abmp.com/public and put in your zip code
  • Drop in, or google local wellness providers, and see if they take insurance, and the cost
  • Learn more tips in my book to know exactly what to ask them

Tips For Daily Living:

  • Breathing tools – 4 Square – nasal inhale 4, pause 4, exhale 4, pause or Vagus Nerve – nasal inhale into belly, then chest, pause then exhale humming through nose, or Quick Coherence® Technique: heartmath.com/quick-coherence-technique/
  • Smile more – improves serotonin/dopamine levels for calming
  • Practice gratitude and appreciation daily

Wellness does not have to be hard, simply intentional. May your profits from investing in whole health carry you into a year of joy and love.

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