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Dynamic Dental Wellness

Dynamic Dental Wellness
20755 Williamsport Place
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Ashburn, VA 20147

Dr. Sheri Salartash is a full spectrum General and Cosmetic Dentist who fuses together all aspects of modern dentistry and traditional health practices in order to optimize her patient’s oral health. She incorporates features of the holistic and naturopathic community and utilizes the most advanced technology in her practice so that she provides the absolute best treatment options available anywhere. She focuses on “integrative medicine” to understand and fix parts of the mouth and jaw that are malfunctioning, misaligned or diseased due to factors elsewhere in the body.

Dr. Sheri studies dental contributions to medical symptoms and overall natural wellness. She continuously attends advanced post-graduate courses in integrative dentistry and functional medicine. Dr. Sheri was awarded Mastership with the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) in 2020. The Mastership Award is the highest honor available in the AGD and one of the most respected designations in the profession. This accomplishment meets the highest criteria for professional excellence which is only designated to the top 2% of dentists in the country.

Dr. Sheri combines her expertise in functional and neuromuscular dentistry with a preventive approach to orthodontics. From early evaluation of bite and airway development in children, to the most complex occlusion problems in adults, Dr. Sheri provides treatment with a strong focus on long-term stabilization of the muscles and joints, as well as ideal function and a beautiful smile. She has perfected steps to prevent sleep apnea issues caused by underdeveloped craniofacial structures in children and helping adults with sleep apnea through jaw redevelopment and oral appliance therapy.

She is also a member of the Weston A. Price Foundation and Holistic Mom Network. Dr. Salartash seeks to help patients with not just dentistry, but healthy bodies and healthy lifestyles. Her office provides comprehensive dental care such as mercury safe removal, orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, laser gum and bone regeneration procedures, implants, whitening and of course preventative care.

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