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Sleep Apnea and Snoring Solutions
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Sleep Apnea and Snoring Solutions

Sleep Apnea and Snoring Solutions

What Causes Snoring?

Anyone can experience snoring during his/her sleep. When air can’t move freely through the nose and mouth due to the narrow airway, it will cause the tissue to make an audible sound (snore). In more extreme cases, when the airway blocks, it is known as sleep apnea. Other factors for snoring are age, alcohol consumption, special medicine taking, nasal and sinus problems, weight gain, smoking, and sleep posture.

What Is the Impact Of Snoring?

Snoring will effect a snorer and his/her sleep partner’s life. One of the impacts is sleep deprivation. It is hard to be fresh the next day when a person did not sleep well. Thus, it results in tiredness and sleepiness. This daytime dysfunction will lead to increased behavioral problems, difficulty concentrating, heart condition and stroke.

What Are the Treatment Options?

There are different ways to open the breathing passage for snoring. One of them is with dental appliances. These appliances are custom fitted and patients can easily move the jaw forward with them. It is an effective option if the patient wears it daily.

Another option is the continuous positive airway pressure system (CPAP). These devices have a mask and air pressure and the patient needs to get the right size for his/her face. The air is delivered through the mask to monitor and control sleep apnea. These devices can be very uncomfortable for some patients because of the mask tightness, skin irritation, and nasal symptoms. Last option is surgery. With surgery, usually tissues are removed from uvula and pharynx. Thus, patients can have an uncomfortable recovery after the surgery.  

What Is NightLase?

It is known as the medical procedure that has no cutting or removal of any oral tissue. This treatment increases airway passage, resulting in better sleep. In other words, it’s just tightening the soft tissue in back of the airway by generating collagen. It is a patient friendly treatment in a simple, safe, and effective way.  

How Does NightLase Work?

NightLase uses gentle light wavelength to open the airway passage by heating the tissue to become tighter. There are three short visits that patient needs to schedule every three weeks. Each session lasts 15-30 minutes depending on the patient’s health condition. More importantly, there is no need for anesthesia during this treatment. It is a comfortable procedure with no pain and patients can continue his/her daily plan after treatment. After the first session, patients can see results.

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