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E. Taylor Meiser, DDS, PA
Is White Right For You?
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Is White Right For You?

When you look at a magazine cover model, male or female, don't their teeth look not only straight, but bright and white? Now you look into the mirror at home and see your teeth
well, they're pretty straight, but they really look yellow definitely not white. What can you do about aging, yellow and stained teeth?
Good oral hygiene and home care is important to make and keep teeth clean, cavity free and white. However, tooth brushing, flossing and mouth-rinses will only do so much for surface stains.
Some of the special whitening toothpastes, flosses, and mouth-rinses do help if used consistently. Over-the-counter, do-it-yourself home whitening kits are available, but are limited in what they can do.
Even a professional cleaning will only remove superficial staining and hard calculus (tartar) deposits it doesn't whiten the teeth.
There are now several ways to whiten teeth that your dentist can prescribe. There are basically two types take home and in-office. The take home system typically involves trays filled with whitening gel worn one to two hours a day for two to three weeks to achieve the desired whitening.
The in-office system does the same job and usually better, without impressions or trays, in just one hour or less. For quick, dramatic results, comfort and convenience, the one hour in-office whitening system is the way to go.
Almost everyone is a candidate for either kind of whitening. Your dentist can decide which is best for you after an exam and consultation regarding your whitening desires and expectations.
Whitening your smile is a fantastic way to improve your appearance painlessly, without surgery, drilling or any kind of damage to your teeth. It's quick, easy and long lasting.
After whitening you can smile with confidence and not be ashamed of stained or yellow teeth. Decide today to whiten your teeth. Call your family dentist and ask if they offer whitening and make an appointment to change your smile.

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