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Saunas For Seniors’ Health
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Saunas For Seniors’ Health

Saunas For Seniors’ Health

As people age, they encounter various health challenges. Here are the two most prominent health problems for seniors: Arthritis and Heart Disease.  Unfortunately, arthritis is a common condition affecting 49.7% of adults over 65. It can lead to pain and a lower quality of life.   While heart disease remains the leading cause of death among adults over age 65.  And here are two most prominent risk factors that contribute to arthritis and heart disease:

  • high blood pressure and
  • high cholesterol 

Western medicine traditionally manages these two illnesses using prescribed medications. Yet, the possibility of using an alternative wholistic solution to address these and other health problems has been studied by renowned healthcare organizations and universities with some very intriguing findings. 

For instance, based on reports from Harvard Health Publishing (Harvard Medical School of Science), “the use of a Steam Sauna can indeed have a positive impact on blood pressure.  When you’re in a sauna, the high temperatures cause your blood vessels to dilate, leading to a lowering of blood pressure, improved cholesterol levels and reduced inflammation in the body.  Nitric Oxide production improves”.  These chemical processes occur from raising the body’ temperature with “non-chlorinated steam”.

Are you aware that the illness known as “sitting disease” exists?  This disease develops among young adults whose jobs require them to “sit for long periods of time in the same position”.  Just think how beneficial a steam sauna can be for seniors. 

Now think about what happens with seniors that are sedentary.  Their lack of regular movement helps to increase the aches and pain and contributes to keeping their blood pressure high.  A Mobile Medi Sauna Service will help to not only reduce their aches and pain but also aid in reducing their high blood pressure and lowering their cholesterol levels. 

And here are other health benefits associated with a Medi Sauna program: stress reduction, better muscle movement, reduced anxiety, decreased muscular/joint disorders, increased white blood cell production, reduced muscle tension, blood detoxification, improved sleep and much, much more.

Aging in place, without unnecessary aches and pain, is what every senior hopes to experience.  And this becomes possible when we learn what our body needs as we age to offset some of the health issues that crept upon us when we were young adults.  Adding this ancient therapy to your healthcare regimen will help to gradually reduce the aches and pains experienced by your loved one but more importantly, it provides them a therapy that works to improve their quality of life as they age in place with you, at home.

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