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Erik A. Ward, DC
Managing Chronic Back and Neck Pain
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Managing Chronic Back and Neck Pain

Managing Chronic Back and Neck Pain

Regardless of which treatments you are undergoing, it can always be helpful to understand your health condition before you start a self-conditioning program. If you are currently under treatment, the following information can act as an adjunct, or as a primary means, to help manage your back or neck condition. People often report that such techniques are very helpful in reducing pain.

Of course, the first step in coping with back pain or neck pain is always to get a comprehensive evaluation for a diagnosis by your chiropractor or medical doctor, as pain is often a warning signal that something is wrong and needs attention.

Include specific coping techniques as part of your daily routine

Whatever your condition, there are a number of methods to help cope with the pain. All of these techniques make use of four types of skills, including deep muscle relaxation, distracting your attention away from pain signals, thinking about images or sounds that feel pleasant to you, and attaining detachment and distance.

Stretch your muscles

Although no single stretch works for everyone, most people spend most of their days in the same positions doing the same or similar activities. Studies have shown that people who go through a proper stretching program just twice a week for eight weeks make significant gains in strength, flexibility, and endurance, which is an essential part of most back pain treatment programs.

Eat right and get enough sleep

Good nutrition can aid your healing process. Your diet should include adequate protein as a source of the building blocks of soft tissue healing. Additionally, fresh fruit and vegetables supply the vitamins and trace elements necessary for effective healing. A vitamin supplement can also be very helpful.

Sleep is also important for the body to heal. One of the best ways to help you sleep soundly is to create physical weariness through active exercise.

Understand your condition to be pro-active with your health

For many unfortunate sufferers, low back and neck pain can be very debilitating. If left untreated, chronic

back and neck conditions could result possibly making surgery the only treatment option. As with many physical conditions, the sooner the problem can be diagnosed and treated, the less time may be needed to treat and correct the problem. If you are having chronic back or neck problems, get yourself evaluated. Discuss the options for treatment with your chiropractor or medical doctor, and be pro-active with your health.

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