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Alicia Kovach, DC

Chiropractic Care For Your Child

Today, we find that parents are bringing their children to chiropractors for day-to-day health concerns. We’re all familiar with allergies, bed-wetting, asthma, colic, ear infections,… Continue Reading

Alicia Kovach, DC

Snow Shoveling Safety

As winter is upon us and we have already experienced our first snow it is very important to discuss shoveling safety. By following a few… Continue Reading

Alicia Kovach, DC

Chiropractic and Diabetes: The Surprising Connection

Do you know how many people born in the year 2000 will suffer from diabetes? The answer to this question is very disturbing. One out… Continue Reading

Alicia Kovach, DC

Chiropractic Care and Exercise

Everyone knows that they “should” be doing regular exercise, but most people have not exercised in so many years that they don’t know where to… Continue Reading

Alicia Kovach, DC

Chiropractic Can Help With Stress

In today’s society we are all running here and there and are busy, busy, busy. We have the stress of work, family, and financial stress…. Continue Reading

Gary Blabey, DC

A Technological Revolution in Non-Surgical Healing:  Stem Wave Regeneration Therapy

Dr. Blabey, D.C. has utilized high-tech therapy modalities for the past 25+ years at Back in Action Health Solutions.  These include:  PEMF for cellular health… Continue Reading

What To Expect From A Chiropractic School In New York

Becoming a chiropractor is an exciting venture filled with promise and potential. It’s a path that can lead you to a career where you make… Continue Reading

Alicia Kovach, DC

Cancer and Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care can become an important part of your healing process and can contribute to your wellness. Chiropractors treat and alleviate bone, muscle or joint… Continue Reading

Alicia Kovach, DC

Essential Tips To Safeguard Your Back During Lifting

Lifting heavy objects is a common task in our daily lives, whether it’s moving furniture, exercising, or working in physically demanding professions. However, it’s crucial… Continue Reading

Your Health Magazine

Chiropractic Care for Common Injuries in Gardening

Gardening is a wonderful and fulfilling activity that allows us to connect with nature, beautify our surroundings, and enjoy the fruits of our labor. However,… Continue Reading

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