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Alicia Kovach, DC
Chiropractic Care and Exercise
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Chiropractic Care and Exercise

Chiropractic Care and Exercise

Everyone knows that they “should” be doing regular exercise, but most people have not exercised in so many years that they don’t know where to begin. Typically this results in people starting and stopping various training programs and routines. They join gyms, buy workout clothes, spend hard-earned income, and ultimately fail to follow-through because they don’t have a clear idea of how to exercise effectively.

It’s actually easy to hurt yourself if you’re returning to exercise after an absence of many years or, for some people, of decades. Doing too much too soon is a typical cause of an exercise-related injury. Doing the wrong type of exercise for your level of preparation is another major cause of these injuries. Getting hurt doing exercise is a real road block for people who didn’t really want to exercise in the first place. If you haven’t exercised in years, finally work up the motivation to start doing something, and hurt yourself after a few days or weeks of your new program, quitting and never going back becomes a very easy option.

But exercise is very important in maintaining overall health and wellness. If you’re committed to the long-term health and well-being of yourself and your family, regular vigorous exercise is critical. One easy solution is in the initial phases of returning to fitness, walking for exercise. Walking avoids the vast majority of injuries associated with other types of exercise. Walking is low-impact, requires minimal equipment, and no gym memberships are needed. Walking that is done outside in fresh air and sunshine, providing many additional benefits beyond those gained by exercise as such.

In addition to regular exercise regular chiropractic care also makes good health possible. Our bodies need to be in good condition to gain all of the desired effects of exercise. Being in good condition deals with a fully functioning nervous system and a spinal column that is properly aligned and biomechanically sound. This is done by regular visits with your chiropractor.

So start the new year off right and not only start regular exercise, but make sure you visit your chiropractor.

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