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What Conditions Can Chiropractic Treat?

Chiropractic is now firmly established as a primary health-care profession where, according to the American Chiropractic Association, approximately seven to 16 percent of people in… Continue Reading

How Chiropractors Help Patients With Chronic Pain

Chronic pain – especially back pain – can be an extremely debilitating condition. It impacts our work, family life, relationships, sleep, and lifestyle. If you… Continue Reading

Treat the Cause Of Your Pain: Having neck or back pain? Drug free chiropractic care can be an effective treatment.

Over half of all Americans have seen a chiropractor for corrective relief from pain. In particular, more than one in four Americans choose to see… Continue Reading

What’s Driving My Pain?

Neuromuscular pain always is a multi-factoral problem. Back pain is very common and occurs in all ages throughout life. “Overuse, under use, and abuse to… Continue Reading

Acupuncture and Sex

In our fast-paced world, many people worry about their sex lives, whether it be lack of desire or physical performance issues. Either way, acupuncture can… Continue Reading

Chiropractic and Your Feet

In pain? Relief may be only two feet away. Even if your feet don’t hurt, they may be a major factor contributing to your physical… Continue Reading

ACL and Meniscus Injuries, and Adrenal Stress

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injuries are very common in high intensity sports. Football is number one on the list. Any sport that has multidirectional movement… Continue Reading

Discopathy and Spinal Decompression

Intervertebral discopathy is one of the most painful and physically debilitating health issues that chiropractors encounter. The spine is composed of a series of 26… Continue Reading

Achilles Tendinitis Or Tendinosis?

Running is a great way to relieve stress and proper sports training provides great health and fitness benefits. People can be fit, but that doesn’t… Continue Reading

Chiropractic and Allergies

Spring has sprung and flower buds are blooming. That is supposed to be great, but not for some of us. Unfortunately, many of us think… Continue Reading

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