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Deborah Cheryl Mallu, DVM, CVA, MAc
What To Expect From a Holistic Veterinary Hospital Visit
Holistic Veterinary Healing
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What To Expect From a Holistic Veterinary Hospital Visit

What To Expect From a Holistic Veterinary Hospital Visit

In today’s world, “alternative medicine” has been accepted by most human beings. Many alternative practices have been recognized as being legitimate and have even become the norm in mainstream healthcare. When it comes to our pets, however, non-traditional forms of healthcare are often not considered simply because pet owners are not familiar with these types of treatments.

A holistic veterinary offers only the best holistic care for your pet. If you are not sure what a holistic veterinary hospital can offer your pet, we invite you to read on to learn more about this exciting and effective philosophy of treatment.

The Holistic Pet Care Philosophy

The goal as holistic veterinarians is to stop any problems before they start. They help pet owners adjust their pet’s lifestyles so that their pets can enjoy a longer and healthier life without suffering from illness and disease.

With that said, a number of pets that are seen are already suffering from various ailments and issues. When they see these pets, they take a “holistic” approach. They consider every aspect of your pet when determining what could be causing the issue and what the best form of treatment is. Apart from looking at the actual wound or pain point affecting your pet, they consider:

  • Other physical areas of your pet which may be contributing to the health problem
  • Your pet’s environment and how that can be impacting their health
  • Your pet’s emotional response to the injury and their stress level

A veterinary hospital strives to provide a treatment that is not only as minimally invasive as possible, but that is also empathetic and understanding of the unique needs of your pet.

What To Expect From Holistic Pet Care

A visit to a holistic veterinary clinic will be a bit different from a traditional vet visit. They ask a number of questions regarding your pet’s behaviors and lifestyle while also performing the physical exam. Pet owners can prepare themselves for the visit by writing down some notes regarding:

  • Your pet’s daily routine
  • What your pet eats and in what quantities
  • Notable changes in your pet’s behavior
  • Notable changes in your pet’s toileting habits or stool

Holistic pet veterinary clinics will use this information to determine the best form of treatment for your pet. In some situations, they may opt for traditional types of treatment and remedies. However, they also have a number of alternative solutions which are often just as effective and even safer for your pet than conventional medicines. Some common treatments you can expect from a holistic vet include:

  • Chiropractic care
  • Acupuncture
  • Herbal remedies
  • Nutritional therapy and guidance
  • UVB Ozone Therapy

Regardless of the type of vet you see, it is in everyone’s best interest that your pet gets well and returns to a happy and healthy state. The benefit that we see in choosing a holistic veterinary hospital is that they provide you with more options for the treatment of your pet.

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