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Rose Ferguson, C. Ht.
Making Your New Year’s Resolution Stick
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Making Your New Year’s Resolution Stick

Making Your New Year’s Resolution Stick

When the new year begins, many people begin to think of the positive changes they’d like to create in their lives. But, after that initial rush of enthusiasm dies down, we often find ourselves repeating our same unhealthy habits.

Did you know that your conscious mind – your logic, reason, will power, judgement, and decision making – is only about 10-12% of your mind? Some studies even state that our subconscious mind – the part responsible for your automatic behaviors, make up as much as 95% of our mind.

When you have goals you’re trying to achieve or healthy habits that you’d like to establish, your subconscious behaviors are the ones that prevent you from making positive changes as quickly or permanently as you’d like.

This can seem unfair, but in fact your subconscious mind is always trying to protect you. For example, if your mom gave you a chocolate chip cookie whenever you skinned your knee, you have a positive association with chocolate chip cookies. Chocolate chip cookies make you feel better. This is not a bad thing. But, when your current goal is to lose 15 pounds, a chocolate chip cookie still makes you feel good, but isn’t fuelling your body in a healthy way for your current goals.

That’s where hypnotherapy comes in. Hypnotherapy helps build new subconscious behaviors. When you’re using hypnotherapy, you’re giving the subconscious mind a new belief system. We really don’t need chocolate chip cookies to help us feel good any more.

This is what makes hypnotherapy such a powerful tool for achieving your goals, reducing pain, improving sleep, and so much more. You’re getting your subconscious mind on board with your conscious goals.

There are countless things hypnotherapy can help with. Just a few new year’s goals that hypnotherapy is perfect for include:

  • Quitting smoking
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Improving sleep
  • Preparing for labor and childbirth
  • Enhancing sports performance
  • Decreasing pain
  • Treating symptoms of anxiety

This new year, why not give yourself every advantage by using close to 100% of your brain power?

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