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Making Your New Year’s Resolution Stick

When the new year begins, many people begin to think of the positive changes they’d like to create in their lives. But, after that initial… Continue Reading

Save the Earth, Stop Urinary Incontinence

In the next three minutes it will take you to read this short article, another 200,000 throwaway pads and adult Depends will enter US landfills… Continue Reading

Common Questions When Downsizing Your Home

Living in the DC Metro area and looking to downsize your home? You’re not alone. The key to selling your home is being prepared. Here… Continue Reading

Overcoming Your Addiction

Do you suffer or know anyone who suffers from addiction? Addiction is a chronic disease that can be very complicated to treat if there is… Continue Reading

ED Medications Don’t Work? Get a Penile Duplex Ultrasound

Lack of response to oral erectile dysfunction (ED) medications or losing your erections before you and/or your partner are satisfied may indicate profound and severe… Continue Reading

Are You an IT Guy? You May Be Suffering From "IT Prostatitis"

Are you among Greater Washington's tens of thousands of dedicated professionals in information technology (IT), computer engineering and/or programming? Are you nailed to your seat… Continue Reading

Resolve To Make Your Home Healthier

You know what January means – New Year’s Resolutions! We all make them but a small percentage actually keep them for more than 6-8 weeks…. Continue Reading

Penis Health Identifying and Preventing Problems Early

Erectile dysfunction isn’t the only issue that can impact penis health. There are a number of medical conditions you should be aware of. Taking preventative… Continue Reading

A Growing Concern Is Indoor Air Quality

Due to growing concerns about indoor air quality, it is important to get the air ducts cleaned in homes or businesses periodically. Many homes have… Continue Reading

Untreated STDs Can Put You At Risk For HIV

Common sense tells us that having an untreated STD is not good for your health. With painful side effects and the communicability of untreated sexually… Continue Reading

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