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Kambiz Tajkarimi, MD
ED Medications Don’t Work? Get a Penile Duplex Ultrasound
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ED Medications Don’t Work? Get a Penile Duplex Ultrasound

Lack of response to oral erectile dysfunction (ED) medications or losing your erections before you and/or your partner are satisfied may indicate profound and severe blood vessel disease to the penis. Other signs of this disease may be leakage of blood out of your penis during erection, which can weaken firmness and maintenance of erection.

Severe ED is an early sign of worrisome coronary heart disease and impending heart attack as well. Early onset erectile dysfunction is a sign of bad things to come. A urologist who specializes in sexual medicine can fully evaluate the blood flow to the penis, including possible arterial blockages, and venous leakage.

You see, your penis is very much like a tire. For a safe drive in your car, you need adequate air pressure, good quality tires, and no nails in the tires. To have a firm and rigid penis, you need blood flow to the penis, healthy chambers for the blood to fill, and no leakage of blood out of the penis during intercourse to keep firmness. A well-performed penile duplex ultrasound will help determine the problem with your tire.

Typically men with poor firmness and lack of response to oral medications, suffer from poor arterial flow, venous leakage of both. The most successful option for these men is the insertion of penile implant, which is a 20-30 minute procedure.

Penile implants look and feel natural. Sensation, pleasure and orgasm are maintained because it’s your own penis. Penile implants, before and after, can be activated in less than 20 seconds. A sexual medicine specialist can help you fully assess your ED and offer realistic and successful solutions to restore your erection and confidence in the bedroom and beyond.

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