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Toni Greene, Owner
The Pain Of Smoking: Stop Smoking Today!
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The Pain Of Smoking: Stop Smoking Today!

The Pain Of Smoking: Stop Smoking Today!

Smoking causes mental pain. Thinking of smoking, or not smoking when you want to quit and don’t, causes mental pain. The pain of having to think of your next cigarette, where to go, where to smoke to avoid others from the toxic chemicals that not only goes into your throat and lungs but in the environment as well.

Smoking is not only a physical addiction but mental as well. The pains of having your clothes, hair, breath, stained teeth or even missing teeth, skin, and the smell of stale smoke causes anguish. Thinking about what others are thinking about when you enter a room reeking of stale, cigarette smoke causes mental pain to you and those in your immediate environment.

The pain of wanting to stop but thinking that you can’t, causes mental pain because you have tried many times before.

Smoking is habitual. You give your conscious mind many excuses to have a smoke.

Boredom, anxiety, nervousness or constantly putting something in your mouth, fear, lonely, needing to do something with your hands, these are some of the reasons we tell ourselves to continue to sabotage our health.

However, you can, and you will alleviate yourself of the pains associated with smoking when you make the conscious decision to stop. You will then see that smoking is a state of mind. You will see with the help of hypnosis you can possibly quit smoking in a day regardless of how many years you have smoked. For some it could take a few more days, even weeks, but usually not.

Think about, imagine, make believe that you have already quit. Think about how good you will feel after taking control of your life. Imagine how healthy your skin will look, and how bright your smile has become because you took control of the reasons you have been telling yourself to smoke. Think about your sweet kisses and fresh mouth.

Also, know that when you stop smoking, you will not necessarily gain weight. You will learn how to make conscious choices of what you put in your mouth. You will be aware of the foods you eat. Foods that causes excess weight gain or foods to help maintain a healthy weight.

Now is the time, to control your conscious thoughts. Now is the time to quit any habit, especially the habit of self-sabotage. Now is the time for you to be your healthiest self.

Smoking can cause lung cancer, emphysema, rotten teeth, throat cancer, brain fog, dried up skin, lines around the mouth that helps you to look older than you are and fatigued.

Aren’t you glad you have made the decision to call a hypnotist today that will help you be your best, healthiest self?

You are a non-smoker, you use to smoke, and now you have kicked the unhealthy habit. Now you have self-control. You have control over the way you think, feel, and act. You are a non-smoker.

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