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Testosterone Build Up Your Muscle
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Testosterone Build Up Your Muscle

Are you feeling flabby? Losing muscle tone? Developing a belly? You can blame it on your hormones.

Our sex hormones influence how we build muscle and process fat. As we approach our 40s, declining hormones affect us in many ways but making us flabby and fat can be particularly frustrating, as well as endangering our health.

Testosterone converts fat into lean muscle mass. It also tells our bodies when to burn fat to increase energy. Therefore, naturally decreasing testosterone causes body changes. By the time we hit 80, we've lost about 40% of the muscle we had at 40. Replenishing testosterone with injections or pellet therapy helps restore muscle and more.

“I have so much energy and I lost 30 pounds,” says Mark, age 54, after his first testosterone pellet insert. “Now I can keep up with my wife, who supplements her hormones, too. I haven't felt like this in years.”

Lower testosterone and decreasing muscle means you must work harder whether you're carrying a bag of groceries, walking up a flight of stairs or bench-pressing 100 pounds. Shrinking muscles make us move more slowly and fatigue more easily. Lower muscle mass also lowers metabolism, so our bodies will burn fat at a much slower rate.

The result fat starts to hang on. And it moves. Men not only gain it in their bellies but also may see it on their lower backs and at the nape of their necks. Women who were “pears” become “apples” rounder at the waistline. And that new belly fat is dangerous for both men and women; it's associated with higher risks for vascular disease, Type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

“I decided to try this therapy to improve my short-term memory, for my muscles and to get a jump on andropause,” says 42-year-old testosterone patient Erich. “My energy is better, I sleep better and there is a difference in my muscles more lean and less bulk.”

Replenishing testosterone can reverse the downward spiral of shrinking muscles and growing bellies. Medical experts specialize in safe and natural hormone replacement treatments, and will discuss your challenges and review blood work to personalize your therapy. With restored and balanced hormones, you may notice
Improved sleep quality
Increased muscle tone
Decreased anxiety and mood swings
Increased energy
Improved sex drive/performance.

Regarding longevity, scientists have identified the main alteration associated with aging as muscle atrophy. They've also identified a direct correlation between low muscle mass and frailty, quality of life and mortality in the elderly. Restoring testosterone helps maintain muscle mass, increases calories burned and boosts energy levels.

Live your life to its fullest with optimized and balanced hormones.

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