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Corey Malnikof, DC
Pregnancy & Chiropractic
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Pregnancy & Chiropractic

The trend seems to be that more and more pregnant women are finding their way to chiropractors. The question becomesWhy?
The common symptoms seen in pregnancy are low back pain, sciatica, trouble breathing, constipation, indigestion, headaches, trouble sleeping, and fatigue. I am sure the list goes on. Unfortunately too many times women are told that these symptoms are normal, and I want you to know that there is a huge difference between normal and common.
Let me explain each symptom so you understand what I am saying. Low back pain comes from improper biomechanics of the joints in your back caused by the excess weight being carried. Chiropractors are there to make sure the biomechanics stay as close to normal as possible therefore relieving back pain and, for that matter, sciatica, as well.
Trouble breathing and indigestion usually occur because the baby is pushing on the diaphragm and stomach. A simple inversion technique causes the baby to mimic the mothers position and has shown in many cases to move the baby off of the diaphragm relieving indigestion and breathing difficulties.
Constipation occurs because of a hormone called relaxin. It is released to make the muscles and ligaments loose so that the joints can spread. Unfortunately the relaxin also goes into the intestines and causes the intestinal muscles to relax. There are certain soft tissue techniques performed by chiropractors that can help relieve constipation.
Headaches, fatigue, and trouble sleeping, are all symptoms that may be helped with chiropractic. From what I hear, the special pregnancy techniques performed by certain chiropractors like inversion (baby mimics mom), myofascial release (opens the pelvic floor), websters (has been shown to prevent and turn breech), and untilting the uterus, have all helped mom and baby to be more comfortable during pregnancy.
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