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Mary Wilkerson, CMT
Make Time Your Friend
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Make Time Your Friend

Time can either work for us or against us. When we have stresses and strains on our physical and emotional being, it takes its toll on our energy level and our ability to live full in the present. The longer we allow ourselves to continue in dysfunction and imbalance, the more difficult it can be to resolve problems and the more likely problems will be chronic. We may also be more prone to future injury by ignoring what our bodies are trying to tell us.

Why would we ignore what our bodies are trying to tell us? It may be out of denial, fear, or a faulty belief that all that is bothering us will just go away eventually. The greater our skill at ignoring our bodies, the more we put ourselves at risk for more complicated problems. If we truly appreciated the only body we ever get and if we realized how ignored dysfunction impacts quality of life, we would redirect some of our time and attention from the ‘things’ (house, car, yard, etc) and put it where it really matters – our bodies.

Make time your friend instead of your enemy. Make it work for you with proper body care and treatment, rather than against you by allowing stress, postural imbalances, and muscle dysfunctions to continue unabated. Take steps to get better over time, not worse. Medical massage therapists are trained to help you achieve your goals, not only in stress-related issues, but also in postural analysis and injury rehabilitation.

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