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Che Bong Cho, LAc
Korean Acupuncture and Earth Yang Body Type (Pancreotonia)
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Korean Acupuncture and Earth Yang Body Type (Pancreotonia)

Korean Acupuncture and Earth Yang Body Type (Pancreotonia)

Korean acupuncture has very specific techniques such as Sa Ahm acupuncture. This technique places emphasis on eight body types or constitutions. These include Medal Yang (pulmotonia), Medal Yin (colonotonia), Wood Yang (hepattonia) Wood Yin (cholecystonia), Earth Yang (pancreotonia), Earth Yin (gastrotonia), Water Yang (renotonia), and Water Yin (vesicotonia).

The theory is that one should know one’s own unique constitutional physiology as well as general physiology, in order to lead a healthy life.

This article will focus on the Earth Yang body type, or pancreotonia. Earth Yang means that the stomach is the strongest organ Qi among the organ Qi. The term Qi in traditional Chinese medicine is best described as vital energy or the inner vitality that determines our ability to resist, and also recover from various diseases. The theory is that each of our organs has a “partner organ” and that they work together as if they are a couple.

In the Earth Yang body type (pancreotonia), organ strength is in the following order: the stomach is paired with the spleen> the heart is paired to the small intestine> the liver is paired to the gall bladder> lung is paired to the large intestine> kidney is paired to the bladder. Kidney has the weakest organ Qi.

The nature of the stomach is that stomach heat creates more body heat. However, the kidney has cold water nature. Excess body heat is extinguished by the cold water nature from the kidney, but in Earth Yang body type there is not enough cold water to extinguish the excess stomach heat to create balance.

Pancreotonia is characterized by a magnificent physique, more developed upper body than lower body, the glitter of the eyes, small hips, and inverted triangular face. The personality is external, active, impatient, sociable nature, uncompleted work, even though helping others.

Sometimes they have a tendency to overstate themselves, have a lot of curiosity for new things, are emotional, have talent for painting, and remembering what they see.

Physiological characteristics include more infertility, easily get diabetes, cold hands and feet, more constipation, lower sexual desire, easily get lower back pain, get more white hair, generally low blood pressure. They can easily get stomach ulcers, fibroids, prostatitis, arthritis, and heart diseases.

Korean acupuncture theory believes that pancreotonia people should eat more fish and vegetables. Finally, specific oriental medicine and acupuncture can help certain health issues in people with pancreotonia body type.

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