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Integrative Health Benefits Women
National Integrated Health Associates
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Integrative Health Benefits Women

Heart disease is the number one killer in our country, and now more women are dying of heart disease than men. Since 1980, mortality from cardiovascular disease increased in women substantially. In fact, women are more likely to die of their first cardiac event. Yet, women still think that men are more at risk for heart attack and heart disease.
Cardiac disease in women is very complex. Women with heart disease often do not have the classic symptomstheir symptoms are vague and less localized than mens. As a result, heart disease is often not diagnosed until it is more advanced.
More aggressive evaluations should be done in women with symptoms of chest discomfort, shortness of breath, dizziness, and new onset of reduced stamina to rule out heart disease. Integrative medical practices are aggressive in this area taking thorough histories and using the latest in functional diagnostic and assessment tools. They focus on any evidence of pre-disease or borderline conditions and then treat accordingly to prevent disease. Integrative medicine, in addition to specific lifestyle modifications, may provide therapeutic options as alternatives to pharmaceuticals or surgery.
Addressing Hormonal Issues
Women who do not feel healthy are often told they are fine because all their blood work indicates they are within normal ranges. Lab values may be normal, but far from optimal. There is no black and white distinction between disease and health. We all live in the grey zone. The traditional normal range for many tests does not address borderline conditions.
Medically speaking, women can suffer in two ways. The first is hormonal imbalance problems that affect mood, energy, mental and physical functions, weight, and immune functions. The second is that it is often inferred that their problems are imaginary. “Eat less” or “dont worry so much” are common instructions.
The solution can be simple once the real problem is identified, which may require a fresh look at old data. Integrative medicine looks at how labs relate to optimal rather than normal ranges.
Thyroid function is a good example. Two people can have lab values in the normal range just at opposite ends of the spectrum and be told that no treatment is needed. A few days later, after a little stress, each has shifted out of the normal range by 1%. Now they have serious medical problems one may need a thyroid hormone prescription while the other may need her thyroid removed. Earlier intervention, one focus of integrative medicine, may have avoided the crisis of disease.
Supporting and optimizing health often eliminates the symptoms of poor function and borderline conditions such as fatigue from adrenal exhaustion, hormonal imbalance from poor thyroid function, and weight gain from low metabolism. An integrative, holistic medical practitioner concentrates on detecting the root cause of symptoms to help get your health into the optimal range before the crisis of disease sets in.

Optimizing Health To Prevent Disease

Integrative health practices usually provide nutritional guidance and help you create a diet that maximizes your healtheven minor dietary changes improve digestive issues, PMS symptoms, energy, mood and weight. Avoid fad diets and deficient processed foods and return to the nutrient-dense, traditional foods that people thrived on long before our modern age to support your bodys functions.
Take charge of your health. Partner with a health professional who combines the best of both worldsconventional medical training and complementary/alternative therapies. As a woman you are used to caring for othersisnt it time you made your own health a priority? Isnt time for you to partner with an integrative medical professional who wants you to be optimal not just normal?

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