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Hormones For a Strong Heart
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Hormones For a Strong Heart

We all know that diseases of our heart and arteries are the number one cause of early death in both men and women. But did you know that natural hormones prevent heart attacks and strokes plus increase your energy, sex drive and sleep better?

As our hormone levels drop with age and stress, cholesterol and blood pressure goes up. Also, inflammation in our blood vessels increasesa storm is brewing.

Supplementing our sex hormones (testosterone, estrogen and progesterone) avoids heart attacks and strokes by

Helping us lose weight,

Increases energy so we can be more active,

Restores blood flow to heart muscles,

Decreases plaque formation in arteries, and

Reduces inflammation in the blood vessels.


Replenishing your testosterone to the optimal range reduces cholesterol and triglycerides and increases HDL (good cholesterol). This means your lipids are getting back to normal without the harmful and less beneficial “statins.”

Some sources claim that testosterone causes an increase in heart attacks. It is just the opposite. There have been numerous studies showing that testosterone protects the heart. There are fewer heart attacks in men taking testosterone, and nearly 50% fewer deaths.

By healthy life choices of exercising, smoking cessation and getting our hormones optimized, you reduce the incidence of life-threatening heart disease.


Estrogen has over 400 functions in the body, including

Stopping hot flashes,

Preventing vaginal dryness,

Helping with bladder leaking,

Improving moods,

Preventing wrinkles,

Increasing energy and sex drive, and

Preventing strokes and heart attacks.

But approaching menopause, estrogen levels decrease by as much as ninety percent. And this is when the health problems usually begin.

Estrogen has a cardiovascular protective influence in both men and women. When a man receives testosterone to increase his energy, mental focus, sex drive, muscle development and moods, his heart health improves. This is because some of the testosterone will convert to heart-healthy estrogen in men. In addition, adequate estrogen levels prevent Alzheimer's disease and increase bone growth to protect against osteoporosis.

Natural, bio-identical hormones are protective, preventative and certainly enhance quality of life.

Seems like these safe hormones should be at the top of everyone's list.

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