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Sherri Hudson, CT
5 Easy Steps To Take Charge Of Your Health
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5 Easy Steps To Take Charge Of Your Health

Take control of your health by learning safe, natural, alternative, holistic health solutions. It’s easy for many people to take steps to regain excellent health. You can Google local resources for many of the steps that follow.
1. Have a physical. The first and foremost important factor is having an assessment/physical to have a baseline from where to start. An assessment that can show potential problems by indicating heat changes on the surface of the body is called thermography. It is a safe non-invasive scan, which you can ask your doctor about.
2. Hydrate. Water should be at the top of the pyramid for health, right under oxygen. We need to breath to stay alive and staying hydrated by drinking the right kind of water is essential. There is a big difference between clean water and healthy water.
Many healthcare professionals believe that correct pH, ionized water with a highly negative oxidation reduction potential (ORP) is considered the healthiest water. Your blood is 90% water that reaches all the tissue of the body so why not help hydrate your body with the correct type of fluid and switch from those acidic drinks to pH correct water.
3. Diet. Nutrition does not have to be difficult. The more simply we eat with the right kind of combinations will create better digestion with less calories to burn off. If we would eat more raw fruits and vegetables and less processed foods we would be avoiding chemicals and extra calories that cause many health problems. Get a book on food combining or go on the internet to learn more on food combining.
4. Detoxification. Everyone could benefit from “detoxing”. There are many ways to detox, such as fasting, juicing, cell cleanses from healthcare professionals that are supervised. The whole body can benefit from getting toxins out. The cleaning organs will work more efficiently if you would detox regularly. When have you changed your liver/spleen/kidney/lung…filters? Over time your cleansing organs could use a little help.
5. Exercise. Exercise can be customized to your personal needs. It should be fun and challenging at the same time safe to where you don’t hurt yourself. It is perfect walking weather so go for a walk for a half hour after dinner and do weight training three days a week to get started. Hire a personal trainer and get back in the gym – so there are many classes and fun ideas throughout our community.

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