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Do You Need A Medical Solution To Help You Lose Weight?

Obesity continues to rise in the United States, and with it a wide array of associated health risks. Striving for wellness has allowed the weight… Continue Reading

The Marvelous Fallopian Tubes

Understanding the female reproductive system is crucial for appreciating the wonders of life creation. The fallopian tubes, also known as uterine tubes, are a pair… Continue Reading

Tammy Leiner, Thermographer

October Is Breast HEALTH Awareness Month!

Isn’t that refreshing? Is it a better idea to focus on health -vs- an outdated, invasive fear-based strategy – year after year? We think so. … Continue Reading

Gary Blabey, DC

A Technological Revolution in Non-Surgical Healing:  Stem Wave Regeneration Therapy

Dr. Blabey, D.C. has utilized high-tech therapy modalities for the past 25+ years at Back in Action Health Solutions.  These include:  PEMF for cellular health… Continue Reading

Jonelle Grant Anamelechi, DDS

Does Your Child Mouth Breathe, Grind Or Snore?

It’s Not Normal Says This Pediatric Dentist Pediatric sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder that affects a significant number of children. Parents should be… Continue Reading

Emilie Duke, LME

Transitioning to Fall: A Holistic Approach to Healthy Skin

As the vibrant hues of summer start to fade, it’s time to transition your skincare routine to adapt to the upcoming fall season. The shift… Continue Reading

Revitalize Your Health With Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

As there is a growing interest in natural healing techniques, the use of Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is becoming increasingly popular. This non-invasive therapeutic… Continue Reading

Marc P. Stanard, DDS, PC

Surgical Treatment of the “Gummy Smile”

Improving Periodontal Dental Health A “gummy smile” is a condition where a significant portion of the gums is visible when a person smiles, often making… Continue Reading

Lubrina Bryant, DPM

The Importance of Podiatric Health: Understanding Vascular and Peripheral Neuropathy

Vascular and peripheral neuropathy are two interrelated conditions that can significantly impact podiatric health. While they affect different aspects of the feet, they often occur… Continue Reading

Ovarian Cancer Prevention

Ovarian cancer is the eighth most common cancer among women and ranks fifth in cancer deaths among women. A woman’s lifetime risk of getting ovarian… Continue Reading

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