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Your Guide To Local Doctors & Practitioners

Information about doctors and practitioners can be found through Your Health Magazine online, www.yourhealthmagazine.net, and the print publication distributed to stores in the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia area.

Your Health Magazine has provided information from and about local health practitioners in the greater Washington DC region for over 30 years. Your Health Magazine provides you with information on local health professionals to give you the best health care resources before going to see a doctor. But, how do you choose a health professional or practitioner?

Keys to finding a good Doctor or Practitioner

It’s just not as easy to find a doctor or practitioner as we would like it to be. Many online sources exist about your health condition, but most of it is provided by people and institutions that do not practice in the area where you live. That means you really don’t have access to them. So, you have to learn about local doctors and practitioners – the ones you can actually go to for services.

That’s where Your Health Magazine can help you to find a good doctor or practitioner.  And like test driving a new car, Your Health Magazine has articles written by local doctors which allows you to test drive their knowledge of the health topic before you go see them.

So, how do you find and choose a good Doctor or Practitioner?

When it comes to health, people want options. People want to learn about health and learn about the doctors and practitioners before they go see them about their health problems and needs. Here are some steps to help you find a good local Washington DC, Maryland or Virginia doctor:

  1. Research
    Search for your symptoms or condition online and speak with people who may be knowledgeable. For example, if your back hurts, you may want to consider chiropractic, acupuncture, massage or physical therapy.
    Your research will show you who is available in your area and who treats your specific concern, illness or condition.
  2. Check to see if your insurance is covered
    Next, you’ll need to check your insurance and see if they participate in your insurance plan. You can also contact them and ask them if they participate, and further, you can ask them to evaluate your coverage and give you an idea of what it will pay for. If you don’t have insurance, you can arrange payment options with many offices and this should not be something that prevents you from getting needed services.
  3. Find profiles of Doctors and Practitioners online
    Search for doctors near me or local doctors online, and in print.  Once you find the profiles, this can help you evaluate criteria like education, location, experience, and memberships.
    You may find professionals who have similar interests as you do which will help you feel more comfortable with a doctor.
  4. Education
    You’ll want to look at what type of degree they have and where they got their education.  You may even find one who went to the same school you did, or is from the same area as you, giving you something in common.
  5. Reviews
    You can search online for reviews. Many patients don’t know enough about their own health to truly evaluate whether a doctor or practitioner is good or not, but they can tell you what to expect if you went there and how you’ll be treated.

All of these things can be used together to select a professional to call and go see. With health care, the most important thing to do is to make an appointment and get your health concern seen by a professional.

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