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Tips For a Healthy Smile This Holiday Season

The Holidays are a time to appreciate all of the blessings bestowed on you and your family. Even in times of hardship one can always… Continue Reading

Swathi Reddy, DMD

How Orthodontic Treatment Benefits Adult Patients

Many people seek orthodontic treatment for an attractive smile. However, the benefits of orthodontic treatment go beyond the obvious physical changes of straight teeth. Malocclusion… Continue Reading

Pervasiveness Of Pain

The International Association for the Study of Pain defines pain as “an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage, or… Continue Reading

Why Are Feet Flat?

The arch of your foot is its main supportive structure. If this arch loses strength, the bony framework begins to collapse, causing your foot to… Continue Reading

NightLase Laser Snoring Treatment

We all know some of the issues of snoring such as: sleep deprivation, negative impact on overall health and quality of life, tiredness, headaches, irritability,… Continue Reading

Low Estrogen Worsens Holiday Stress

Instead of “Ho! Ho! Ho!” do you sometimes feel more like “boo-hoo-hoo” around the holidays? All year round, both peri- and postmenopausal women are more… Continue Reading

A Healthy Smile Means a Healthy Body

In the past, it was quite common to hear “just pull it Doc” if your tooth had a cavity, gum disease, or caused pain. After… Continue Reading

Genicular Ablation For Knee Pain

Genicular ablation is an innovative option for treating knee pain without surgery. Usually it is preceded by a diagnostic block with local anesthetic agent. If… Continue Reading

An Introduction To Traditional Chinese Medicine

The holistic approach for personalized health care using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has rapidly grown since the 2019 pandemic. There are many questions to be… Continue Reading

A New Foundation For the New Year

As we head towards the end of another difficult year and into the holiday season, there is an opportunity to recalibrate, reverse a trajectory and… Continue Reading

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