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Pressure Ulcers

What Are Pressure Ulcers? Pressure ulcers are sores that occur when pressure cuts off the blood supply to the skin. The ball of the foot,… Continue Reading

Your Guide To Choosing the Right Toothbrush

Patients often ask about the type of toothbrush they are using and if it is most effective for their individual mouths. It is important to… Continue Reading

The Effects Of Pain

Historically, most of the medical community has viewed pain as just a symptom of underlying pathology. The search for the underlying problem was primary, and… Continue Reading

Swathi Reddy, DMD

Great Smiles At Any Age

Your smile is one of the first characteristics noticed by others and it is never too late to create a beautiful and balanced smile. A… Continue Reading

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Will Higher Grocery Prices Result in Weight Loss?

Less Food vs. More Stress – Is this the Great Weight Loss, or Gain? As we are all impacted by gas prices, inflation, war, politics,… Continue Reading

Our Gas Has COVID-19 Symptoms

COVID-19 has been with us for over two years, and now it seems our gas has become affected with the virus. The gas has become… Continue Reading

Boost Your Weight Loss Efforts

Check Your Hormones Did you know that sex hormones impact many weight-related processes? From metabolism and muscle mass to sleep patterns and food cravings, sex… Continue Reading

Feel Your Best At Any Age

If you ever look in the mirror and realize that what you see doesn’t reflect the real you, you may wish to check out some… Continue Reading

A Comforting Presence At the End Of Life

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they face death. If not their own, then that of someone they know. Though the process can… Continue Reading

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Have You Had COVID, Yet?

The COVID Mystery Where do we stand in terms of the pandemic now, and in the future? What are we doing as a nation and… Continue Reading

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