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Made In The USA Surrogacy Agency
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Made In The USA Surrogacy Agency

Made In The USA Surrogacy Agency

Made In The USA Surrogacy Agency is a renowned entity in the surrogacy sector, known for its exceptional services and commitment to creating families through surrogacy. This article provides an in-depth look at the agency, highlighting what potential surrogates and intended parents need to know.


Made In The USA Surrogacy, located in California, is dedicated to providing comprehensive surrogacy services. They specialize in connecting intended parents with surrogates, facilitating a smooth and supportive journey from start to finish.

Services Offered

Surrogate Matching: Expert matching services to pair surrogates with intended parents, ensuring compatibility and shared expectations.

Medical Coordination: Comprehensive medical oversight, from initial screenings to pregnancy and delivery.

Legal Support: Assistance with surrogacy contracts and legal matters to protect the rights of all parties involved.

Psychological Support: Counseling and support services for surrogates and intended parents throughout the surrogacy process.

Why Choose Made In The USA Surrogacy?

Experience and Expertise: Extensive experience in managing surrogacy journeys, backed by a team of professionals.

Personalized Care: A commitment to providing personalized attention to every surrogate and intended parent.

Ethical Practices: Adherence to the highest ethical standards in all surrogacy arrangements.

The Surrogacy Journey with Made In The USA Surrogacy

Initial Consultation: Intended parents and surrogates begin with a detailed consultation to understand the surrogacy process and establish expectations.

Matching Process: Careful matching based on compatibility, including lifestyle, values, and surrogacy goals.

Medical and Psychological Screening: Comprehensive screenings to ensure the health and well-being of the surrogate.

Legal and Contractual Procedures: Development of surrogacy agreements to outline the terms and conditions of the surrogacy journey.

Pregnancy and Delivery: Ongoing support and medical care throughout the pregnancy, leading to the delivery of the baby.

Supporting Your Journey

Continuous Support: Made In The USA Surrogacy offers continuous support throughout the surrogacy process, ensuring that surrogates and intended parents feel confident and cared for.

Post-Birth Care: Aftercare support is provided to ensure the surrogate’s health and well-being post-delivery.

Made In The USA Surrogacy’s Commitment to Excellence

Client Satisfaction: A strong track record of satisfied clients, thanks to the agency’s comprehensive and compassionate approach.

Success Rates: High success rates in facilitating surrogacy journeys, with a focus on creating happy families.

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For further details on Made In The USA Surrogacy and their services, potential surrogates and intended parents can visit their official website and read more. This will provide deeper insights into their processes, services, and how they can assist in your surrogacy journey.

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In conclusion, Made In The USA Surrogacy stands out as a leading agency in the field of surrogacy. With their comprehensive services, experienced team, and commitment to ethical practices, they provide a supportive and successful surrogacy journey for all involved. Whether you are considering becoming a surrogate or looking to start a family through surrogacy, Made In The USA Surrogacy offers the expertise and care needed to navigate this life-changing process.

MD (301) 805-6805 | VA (703) 288-3130