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Jacqueline Griffiths, MD
iDesign Advanced WaveScan Studio
NewView Laser Eye, Inc.
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iDesign Advanced WaveScan Studio

iDesign Advanced  WaveScan Studio

The iDesign® Advanced WaveScan Studio is the most personalized laser vision correction available.

Vision is more than just seeing better or farther, it is about being surrounded in detail – immersed in each moment – captivated by every part, of every thing. The iDesign procedure gives your doctor the ability to deliver a truly personalized LASIK or PRK procedure, designed specifically for you.

The iDesign procedure offers:

  • Next generation LASIK/PRK platform that measures the eye inside and out to enable highly precise personalized vision correction. 
  • The only available LASIK platform indicated for monovision LASIK in presbyopic myopic patients
  • 25 times more precise than the traditional way of measuring refractive errors, which rely on subjective input

iDesign Measurement

Your vision is complex. It relies on multiple, interconnected parts of your eye to create what you see. That’s what makes the iDesign procedure so personalized: The system measures both inside and out. 

  • Wavefront analysis measures how light travels inside your eye and creates what you see, detailing the imperfections in your vision.
  • Corneal topography scans the outside surface of your eye, measuring and analyzing every tiny variation in curvature and elevation to help guide the laser during your treatment. 

These two measurements together create a completely personalized treatment plan.

iDesign Vision Correction

Your personalized Measurement and Analysis: iDesign takes over 1,200 measurements of your eye and maps each data point to create a custom procedure plan designed just for you — all in only three seconds. 

Your One-of-a-Kind Procedure: Using this custom procedure plan, the laser is able to correct your vision to your exact needs in only a few minutes. No one in the world will receive the same procedure. 

Your New Vision: Once the treatment is over, you’ll immediately notice the difference. After one hour, you’ll begin to see more clearly, and within a day, you can return to your normal routine.

The procedure is combined with the Star S4 IR® excimer laser’s exclusive technology providing you with very precise treatment:

  • Iris registration technology provides a noncontact, automated method to correctly align and center treatment while allowing for instant re-registration in the event of intraoperative movement
  • Variable repetition rate (VRR) delivers Fourier-reconstructed shapes with optimized ablation time while minimizing thermal impact on the cornea
  • Variable spot scanning (VSS) technology incorporates an array of varying laser pulse diameters to ensure an accurate match between target and ablation shapes
  • ActiveTrak 3-D™ active eye tracking technology follows the eye’s motions in three dimensions to capture more than 99.4% of eye movements
  • ActiveTrak™ automatic centering technology locates and automatically sets the treatment center in relation to the pupil center
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